The Creative Impact of will tease your senses in the fields of 2D/3D Visual Art and wearable Textural Fiber; diverse inspirational and motivational Writings.  It is all an  extraordinarily unique expression from a brilliant, insightful woman:  Some may even call It Divine!

[Please excuse this site.  The theme LENSA is obsolete.  It used to have a carousel.  When you clicked on images, they would show up full page with arrows to see the other work in the sub category.  That was the first thing to fail.  Then, the sub categories went.  So I endeavored to put them up into the menu one by one.  YIKES!  That’s why the menu on top looks the way it does.]

Each item starts with the category:  COLLAGE.  DESIGN.  DRAWING.  EXHIBITS.  FIBER ART.  FINE ART.   PHOTOGRAPHY.  WRITING.   There are a few that are not in a category

THIS IS MY LEGACY! is an ‘umbrella’ of creativity that always expanding                                                                                                             

 In the near future, this sight will undergo a redesign where everything functions in excellence

BRANDING – Graphic Design

MANDALA-LA –  Stories with your song lyrics, Photographic/paintings 

Photography – People, Places and Things

FIBER:  – iknit-Infinity Natural fiber wearable art scarves

WRITING – Can We Talk  Impelling Inspirational and motivational Thoughts 











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