The Creative Impact of will tease your senses in the fields of 2D/3D Visual Art and wearable Textural Fiber; diverse inspirational and motivational Writings.  It is all an  extraordinarily unique expression from brilliant, insightful woman:  Some may even call It Divine!

My studio work in Visual and Fiber Art, plus life long living, has brought me to the Smoky Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina…  Born in Manhattan, raised in New York on Long Island (if you heard me ‘tawk’ you would know that immediately!). Lived in south Florida for 10 years. That makes me a ‘half-back’…. half way between Florida and New Yawk.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are like a still photograph of rolling ocean waves, instilling ‘home’ in this coastal girl. is an ‘umbrella’ of creativity that is expansive and always growing from the inside out.  If you saw a one woman show of my work you would never guess the same artist did all the pieces.  This site is my Portfolio Collection and Legacy.  It is a feast for your eyes, heart and soul because that’s the part of me that went into everything here on  Enjoy!


Branding – graphic design, Mandala-La Stories with your song lyrics, Photographic/paintings – Portraits, Videos and more…


I-knit-Infinity Natural fiber wearable art scarves, yarns from local fiber farms and international countries…


Can We Talk  Impelling Thoughts and motivational essays


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