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The Creative Impact of what is inside here will tease your senses in the fields of 2D Visual Art and wearable Textural Fiber.  It is all a unique expression, extraordinarily unique.  My studio work in Visual and Fiber Art, plus life long living, has brought me to Asheville, NC…  Born in Manhattan, raised in New York State on Long Island (if you heard me ‘tawk’ you would know that immediately!). Lived in south Florida (the New York suburb) for 10 years. That makes me a ‘half-back’…. half way between Florida and New Yawk.  I am here to MARRY MANHATTAN TO THE MOUNTAINS:  WNC Smoky Blue Ridge Mountains, to be exact!

You shall see that this portfolio is very diverse.  If you saw a one woman show of my work you would never guess the same artist did all the pieces.  This site is my Portfolio Collection.  It is a feast for your eyes, heart and soul because that’s the part of me that went into everything on jacquelinesacs.com.  Enjoy!

Jacqueline Sacs:  IRIS  

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The intention on JacquelineSacs.com is to provoke you, amaze you, and light a spark. Commission me to Light You Up From the Inside Out with a dazzling portrait of who you always knew you were on the inside;  alter your business image with Impact Branding, so your clients know it’s YOU at first glance; wrapping you up as a super he-ro/she-ro conquering winter chill;  draw an all inclusive Circle of Life MandaLa-La embracing the song you are.

The Contact form is the last page here.  Please be sure to call or email Jacqueline.   Let’s co-create, your vision to manifest heirloom quality gifts that live forever.

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