In Your Blessed Hands

Most people believe in a Higher Power.  Most go to a building to worship that Higher Power because they believe it is the place to be close to It.  And most believe there is a person who is ordained from ‘On High’ to lead them to that Higher Power.  Well, what if you suddenly shifted that focus from outside yourself to a focus inside, internally?  What if that focus inside revealed the Source-Higher-Power, the ‘Ordained from On High’ individual was YOU?  Pretty mind boggling, don’t you think?  Pretty Power-filled?  Puts all the respons-a-bility on you, right?

As our economy crumbles and prices race toward becoming hyper-inflated with a crashing dollar, the gasoline required to journey to church becomes very dear and precious indeed.  What if you could conduct small worship services in your own home, for some neighbors you know from the center you attend?

You are all like-minded creatures who have the same motivation.  In fact, it is an environment where personal needs and healing may be achieved because of the intimate setting and genuine concern to lift the soul toward a more worthy endeavor.  You could take turns sharing a lesson or ideas each week.  Or for that matter, why do meetings have to be only once a week.  If you make them briefer, you may gather more than once, or as need sees fit.  When times are harsh, people need one another more often for support.  This is a good time to gather that support unit to you and your loved ones.

There is a CD called Graceful Passages.   It is the creation of two men who desired to bring ‘passing over’, leaving the body and earth behind making it a more fearless and gentle experience.  You may ask ‘what does that have to do with me?  I’m not dying?”  Every night we go to sleep we never know if we will wake up.  Sometimes, we can’t even fall asleep due to the stressors of the day.

This disk set has two CDs:  One music only, and the other, the same music with spoken word (not singing, but a real message by the author).  The message disk is recorded by outstanding spiritual individuals of the 10 great faiths-cultures on the planet.  Their message is clear:  Be at Peace.  It opens with a man who led groups of men to discover their gentler, beautiful souls, called, Letting Yourself Be Loved.  Listening to Graceful Passages, The Message, brings calmness and peace to souls who crave relaxation at the end of the day.  Some of the messages may even cause you to weep in gratitude.  The following message does that for me.  Hundreds of times playing it, earphones embedded in times of stress, it brings back balance, brings back recognition of my higher Self, and restores my connection to the Creator of all manifested energy and thought; I call It God.

‘It was a wonderful life’… read the words.  The background music begins with a high pitch clarinet sounding instrument called a Klezmer, very Hebrew and deeply invoking.  After you are finished reading the recitation, sit down and make a list of the wonderful things in your life so far.  A six-year-old could do it.  Think like a kid and a Niagara Falls of in-spirit-action will flood your soul.  Use your ‘It was a wonderful life’ list the next time you feel bummed-out, depressed, or having a Pity Party.   Or simply read the passage again.  Notice how lifted up you feel, how the clouds of doom dissipate.  Habits take 21 days to formulate.  Wouldn’t this be a ‘wonderful’ way to have a gathering in your home, especially when times are tough?  Sure it would!  Remember, make your list.  Make it a family project.  They are, after all, in your blessed hands.


in your blessed hands

rabbi zalman schachter-shalomi

Graceful Passages (Messages) CD


God, you made.  

from before I was born you took me through my life.

you supported me.

you were there with me when I wasn’t there with you.

there were times I was sick and you healed me.

there were times I was in despair and you gave me hope.

there were times I felt betrayed and I could still turn to you.


it was a wonderful life.

I loved.  and I was loved.

I sang.  I heard music.

I saw flowers.

I saw sun rises.  and sun sets.

even in places when I was alone, you in my heart, 

helped me turn loneliness into precious solitude.

I look back over the panorama of my life

what a wonderful privilege this was!

I still have some concerns… for people in the family, for the world, for the planet…

I put them in your blessed hands.

and trust that whatever in the web of life that needed me to be there, is now completed.

I thank you for taking the burden from me.

and I thank you for keeping me in the light.

as I let go, and let go and let go.