Jackie wearing Black & White

Jackie wearing Black & White

Beaded Knit NecklacesJacqueline Sacs

are the new iKnit-Inifinty Collection

Jacqueline saw her first yellow/orange beaded necklace on display in a yarn store in Candler and fell in love with it.  The price was $95.00.  For a ‘silly beaded necklace?!’  WOAH!  “I can make one cheaper”.  Right.

Her son’s wedding was September 6, 2014 and that would have been spectacular to wear. ‘What impact’, she thought.  Two weeks later she bought the kit and needles.  The yarn store sales person gave Jacqueline a ‘good luck lady, you got guts’ smile.  Little did Jacqueline know how brave she would have to be!

900 beads plus $50 worth of new beads had to be strung on stronger cord, cast on, putting one bead at a time in between each of 90 stitches.  The first attempt wound up on floor.  3600 strung beads later (sparing you the details until she writes the blog account) four times through the entire process,  the first one in the gallery (Orange & Yellow) was completed.

With new confidence Jacqueline bought new beads and cord.  She completed the second orange/yellow necklace (the first time) that found it’s way around her neck for Joshua and Monica’s wedding in Bayshore, Long Island.  You will notice it isn’t posted here. You can’t buy that one but you CAN order whatever color beaded necklace you are dreaming of wearing and you can betcha Jacqueline will do her best to find exquisite Swarovski and Czech glass beads to manifest  your dream.

Necklace prices vary with the variety of beads used.

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