BLINDSPOT Description

BlindSpot Mirror

BlindSpot Mirror

BLINDSPOT is a term used in driving a car and in psychology:  

Motivational writings that cause pause to think, to be aware of different, out of the box choices — bringing an AH HAH moment to the reader.  

In traveling in an automobile, it refers to that area of obscured perception  by the design of the car and the position the driver sits in.  In Psychology, it refers to ‘blinders’, formulated ideas from the past that block the current moment, the parts of us that, when continually ignored, cause us to collide, get side-swiped into a mental and emotional ditch.  Becoming aware of the signs to PAY ATTENTION, keeps us out of trouble, or, opens us to a higher element of challenges, make better choices that serve us and others.

Awareness of our BlindSpot helps us 





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