Right around the time Joan Rivers met an untimely death on the plastic surgeon’s table, I was putting together this website. Creating an ‘Umbrella’, to cover all my creative, Divine outlets.  I dedicated this page to Joan Rivers intro to a new topic was always CAN WE TALK?  Boy! Did we ever learn to watch out when she said THAT!  

So here it is… diverse topics… some rants, many motivational and inspirational.  Painting with words… Impacting with syllables, vowels and consonants… thank you for Diving In;  “Get Ready my Soul”… that lyric by Daniel Nahmod, a poetic songster… circumnavigates my MandalaLa… “Circle of One“.  I believe all our thoughts come from One Mind.  That includes the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  We are always at choice… Always.  All Ways.  Feast on My Words here. Get filled up.   Trusting they make you contemplate what you have thought, are thinking about, and where you are about to embark upon with a New Thought!


PS:  My mzara_stan1943other was a huge fan of Joan on QVC. This page, in some weird manner, is dedicated to Zara Gould;  a woman of class and elegance. This photo is of my parents circa 1943 when they got married.

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