Your Coach is Your Personal Cheerleader

Your Coach is Your Personal Cheerleader



Some of us are lucky enough to find a person who takes on the role of cheerleader in our lives, when we realize we aren’t living the life we planned and decided to do something to change it. How many of you resonate with that idea? That is key… altering the course and outcome. Before we can do that, an awareness of circumstances, paths, and feelings must be present. Once discovered and revealed, we are capable of taking action to Shift and begin a new journey. We get to ‘change the tape’. It’s simple, but not easy. Most people confuse ‘simple as easy’ and vice versa. Not so. Did you know that the word ‘repent’ in the New Testament means ‘change direction’?

Did you know that we were all born with a purpose for being here? A Soul Purpose? Great authors have proclaimed that we actually chose to come here to evolve our soul. You can either buy into that or not. It’s your choice, like most things in life. What if it is true? What does that ‘evolve’ mean, anyway? Does it mean leaping into something better, higher; tapping into, with the innate source of identity and authenticity we were born to express? Does it mean Re-Volve… rotate into a new evolution? Does it mean R-evol-ution? Did you notice that ‘evol’ spelled backwards is ‘love’?

Purpose pairs up with singular intention – to become a contribution on a personal and global scale? Well, it’s true. Many 21st century gurus attest that we are spirits having a body experience, not the other way around. As a matter of fact, it has been a mainstream concept the entire 21st century!

When we were six or seven years old, we KNEW what we wanted to be when we grew up, why we came into our bodies. Now, way beyond childhood innocence, that vision is buried in an abyss, hidden but not lost forever if we choose to resurrect it.   Are you ready to play the high stakes game called the PASSION YOU LIVE IS THE PASSION YOU GIVE?

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah used to be the archetypal cheering chant, in the old days… George “The Gipper” Gipp, played by Ronald Regan in his early, handsome days in Hollywood, had a football coach; his guide, his mentor. His coach was much more than an athletic director. He was a spiritual and emotional guide. He posed all the important questions that led the Gipper to triumph (and look where HE wound up!).

THE COACH FACILITATES AND THE CLIENT DOES ALL THE WORK. (Life coaches help clients set and reach goals using a variety of tools and techniques). Apply this rule to a football team, the cheering team and yourSelf. When you hire a Life Coach to accomplish climbing to the next level of your life, together you are a power filled, united force, an entity. One principle applies: The client does ALL the work. That’s you. The coach wants a win-win with you. If your word isn’t your bond, then what’s the point. Whose time are you wasting? Why, yours, of course. Make up your mind from the get-go. When you take on your life and begin to SHOW UP in a new way, everyone wins: You, the Coach, and our human condition at large.

Coaches have the insight you seek and crave. At first the questions are easy to answer and get progressively more complex as you take that dive into the unknown, dredging up long lost desires and dreams that were once so bright. It’s like weight training: Strength is built through resistance, taking on the tougher stuff as you progress. The coach assists you in peeling the layers of the onion back, benchmarking events that caused you to make assumptions that eventually turned into your erroneous, decision-making truths and choices. Most of them weren’t even yours to begin with. They were family, teachers, clergy… and every other influence imaginable.

How many of us are unhappy in our job? The ‘career’ we stay in just for the paycheck? The slavery. The hamster wheel marathon racing to nowhere. The energy suck imposition on everything you ever wanted to be? Day in. Day out. The vicious cycle.

The responsibility of your coach is to help you find the key to unlock the chains, and step into the glory of freedom; into your Authentic Self. The wonder of living your dreams and learning the right Self-dialog to confess them into reality, is a phone call away. The coach does not unlock that lock. YOU DO. YOU DO ALL THE WORK! And sometimes bridges fall, relationships end, but the results is all worth the effort. When the chain gets unlocked, it also miraculously dissolves.

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah has evolved. Coaching people who are athletes of the Spirit has flourished. Even athletes have personal coaches/cheerleaders. People at large have started to recognize some of the lies leading to the assumptions that brought them into their life of chains and numbness. Coaching is for the strong of heart, those on the edge of spreading their wings to soar and just can’t find the launch-pad. Like a hatching bird, or the butterfly breaking free from the cocoon… Your coach is your cheerleader, your personal Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah, helping you keep your eyes on the prize: YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, the ONE you were born to BE!


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