Phillip Frankle was my high school art teacher (Bayside HS, Queens).  He looked like the proverbial Santa Claus on the classic Coca Cola Bottles, was very intellectual and seemed an odd fit to be working with kids.  However… he assisted my blooming from an invisible, unrequited girl in East Meadow HS  of 1200 to one of the top 6 artists in Bayside, with 6000 students.  He awakened my passion for Graphic Design and 2D art forms, not to mention shining brightly.

     For the first time I LOVED getting up in the morning, running to the bus stop to sit next to David Holt (one of the top 6) and go to school.  Mondays were never blue for me.  They were orange and yellow and all the colors of the spectrum.

Later, as an Art Ed major at Buffalo State, following in Phillip Frankle’s footsteps.  I became a Jackie of All Trades and a master of none. I would have preferred to be the next Richard Avedon or Irving Penn; he never influenced thousands of teenagers to think about what they were thinking about, using art os the motive power.  I did.

You will see the diversity of my 2D art here.  Galleries like an artist to have all the same style of one thing in different colors.  My work isn’t like that.  Calligraphy to Capture, Mandalas to Multi-Media… color was my trademark, design the corpus, not to mention that my high school students were a HUGE INSPIRATION, as I performed all their art projects alongside them, proving I could not only teach, but DO. It was a mutual admiration society in my room.

This is dedicated to all my teachers over time, all my students, from all over the world, who influenced my soul to express as a unique expression of The Divine.  My Personal Divine.

This first Gallery is my one woman show at the Gallery 101 in Ft. Lauderdale BLACK SATIN.