Some ‘fine art’ takes 20 minutes and some takes 20 decades… ‘Fine’ is in the eye of the beholder and what that beholder brings to the conversation. Fine Art reveals our inner his & her-story throughout time… study ‘fine art’ and experience the psychology, the politics, the religion, the fashion, the culture of an era, not to mention the individual artist’s interpretation of their subject matter. ‘Fine’ is totally relative.  And if you haven’t spoken to a relative lately, you are in for a surprise.

For Instance, Vincent (Van Gogh) was NOT a suicide victim.  He was trying to end an argument between two teenage boys who bullied him relentlessly.  They had a gun, and BANG!  It fired into his stomach.  He retreated to his friend, the Doctor, and never snitched on the boys.  He did not want to get them into trouble.  He died three days later, with his benefactor and dear brother THEO at his side.

The crux of it all is this:  IF WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY, whether we believe that or not, a TRUTH IS A TRUTH.  Had Vincent, at age 36, given up on life after he was told that Theo could not support him any more?  Could not send him money for rent, and paint, and canvas and brushes.  And Abscinth?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  It also makes me wonder, what quality my life would be like if I expressed a tenth of the passion Vincent did as he painted his unappreciated, never sold works during his life time?  His passion lives on in every fervent brushstroke on every canvas…

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