Our senses lie to us every day.  They not only deceive, the have become molded receptors to the external information crammed into us by our parents, teachers, doctors, clergy, and media.

How much of how we behave is based on superstitions about our material existence?  How can we see things as they really are?  The unseen?  The space between the folds, so to speak?  Since more than 98% of our body is made up of atoms that regenerate at different rates, depending on body parts, in one year, are we really the same person now as we were this time 365 days ago?

Atoms aren’t new.  They have been floating around for eons in the quantum soup.  As they dissolve and are recreated in our body, some of those atoms from the soup find new homes inside us, perhaps millions of them.  Why, you could have atoms that once inhabited Christ, Buddha, Genghis Khan, Mozart, Hitler, or Leonardo and Vincent (Da Vinci and Van Gogh).

Our physical body, according to physicists, is a river of intelligence and information that is constantly renewing itself every second of its existence.   We are impulses of intelligence of a larger Intelligence – all of which is built into our DNA, but lost or interrupted by societal hypnosis:  Brainwashing.

So what came first:  The greater Intelligent thought that has learned to create matter (like our bodies), or us, creating the idea of the vaster Intelligence – the One Mind?  Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Greater level choice evolves as our awareness expands.  Perhaps the answer to the above question is “we are one, tapping into the infinite possibilities floating around in the vast ‘quantum soup’, as Chopra has taught for decades.  The movie What The Bleep Do We Know? very expertly instructs the dynamics of how quantum physics work, with a great story line, animation in parts, and famous gurus teaching us.  If you disagree that our choices evolve as we do, then perhaps you may ask where that doubt comes from… what assumptions are the rudder of your mind and what results and/or consequences (being the negative outcomes) have you achieved by following them blindly.

Our senses serve us well, but we have made them a level of reality that really is quite fallible.  For example:  They say, “the earth is flat”.  Now we know that was a lie.  But before the likes of Columbus & Co sailed the ocean blue, society taught that we would fall off the end of the flat world.  Or…They say, “the ground is stationery and still”, when it is spinning at dizzying speeds in space.  They say, “the light in the night sky, the stars, are still there for us to see” when, in actuality, they burnt out light years ago.

Quantum Physics proves that as the body rebuilds itself, it does so the same way, as long as we operate in default.  It also declares, and listen carefully here… we can break the societal hypnosis, and change the quality of atomic replenishing, when we change our thoughts.

Our basic life processes can be altered and jump-started into a better place when we re-start our engines, derive motive power of intention, and begin to heal, from the inside out.  It’s our choice and no one else’s.  When we change the way we see things (which is not about what you see outside you, but what you see behind your eyes), the things we see changeBe the interference.  Spark the atomic chain reaction.  Break the hypnotic spell of assumptions that steer your thoughts, most of which were planted before you were born and aren’t even YOUR thoughts.  Be the observer, the participant, co-creating your Magestical possibilities floating in the quantum soup of the Gap!



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