The Photo-Montage for children support their healthy growth, from the inside out, knowing they are valued and loved, with that constant reminder hanging on the wall of their room or on the family wall in the Den.  Combining 5-8 images or more, depending on your choice of wall decor for display, creates their story.

Advertising products or Events with the use of a creative Photo-Montage imbeds the impression of excellence without saying a word.  It build vision and expectation to build a better lifestyle.

Fantasy dreams for adults may become expressed with a Photo-Montage, as shown below in Mystical Rose.

 The possibilities are endless and Seamless.  There is a huge energetic difference from hanging single pictures in a group.  It is a static.  Combining them into a Photo-Montage on one canvas becomes a happy melody that translates to everyone that looks at it.