By Jacqueline Sacs

Once upon a mountain, there was a time of shadow.  This shadow was not the darkness we read about.  It was a sort of non-light light.  A patch of Morning Glories grew and lived straight up toward the sky, in the shadow of non-light light, in the most unlikely place:  The side of a deep crevice in the rock, on the side of the mountain.

Have you ever glanced down and noticed a single flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk, and wondered how in the world it got there in the first place?  And survived?

Well…the Morning Glories patch garden were even more astounding.  How they arrived as seedlings and thrived in the crevice in the rock in the mountainside was almost beyond belief!  But there they were!

Every day was the same routine:  Up at 6 o’clock in the morning, stretching their velvety pedals and unfurling their luscious leaves.  By seven a.m., all the Morning Glories were pointing west, ready for a brand-new day.  It was the only direction they knew.

Yes.  Every day was the same.  They were settled into their mundane program, not needing to think, not needing an alarm clock to wake up, not needing to go to their closet and decide what to wear, not thinking about what to eat for breakfast.  No.  Every day was exactly like the day before.

When it came to appearance, they were all the same.  After all, they were all seeded on exactly the same day, on the same mountainside.  Guess you could call it a birth, of sorts…seeds blossoming into fine flowers.  They had the same number of pedals, the same number of leaves, the same shape, the same length, and the same lettuce edges that curled and waved so abundantly.  Even their colors were the same.  Solid Red.  Solid Red-Orange.  Solid Red-Pink. Green leaves complimented the red color family of Morning Glories, living in the crevice on the side of the mountain.  There were hundreds of Morning Glories. All they had were just three colors of pedals, one color of leaves, making four rainbow colors.  When you think that even a computer has millions of colors, only four isn’t very many, is it?  But four was fine with them.  They were the only colors they knew.

If you studied one Morning Glory under a microscope, you would notice it looked very much like velvet.  If you were an insect, the velvety surface would look like a nice soft place to curl up and take a snooze.  If you saw one Morning Glory on the side of the mountain, then you saw them all.  Because they all looked the same.  Remember?

Quite a glorious chorus they were.  However, there was a problem with their musical arrangement.  Their song only had a single simple melody.  Musically, the harmony notes were missing.  Without the harmony, there was no way to tell if their sound was sweet.  Guess what?  It was the only single simple song they knew.

All they knew was all they knew!  It never occurred to them that things could be any different.  Different isn’t good or bad.  Only different.  When you only have one of something, you can’t measure it.  How can you have hot, if you don’t have cold?  If you don’t have up, how can you tell what is down? Can you think of any other opposites that define one another?

One day, at six o’clock in the morning, as they routinely unfurled their leaves and stretched their pedals and faced west, the Red, Red Pink, and Red Orange Morning Glory family experienced a very strange event.

A stranger had invaded their patch of garden.  They didn’t recognize this Morning Glory.  Odd.  It woke up in the same spot as one of their seedling siblings.  It did look vaguely similar, in its length, and number of pedals, and number of leaves, and number of edges that curled and waved so abundantly. But hers weren’t like theirs.  Her pedals were born to the dawn of a brand-new day.  A marvelous manifestation left them gaping in wonder and curiosity.  (The very idea of a brand-new day was odd, because they had no idea about “day” or “new” at all.  After all, they had no idea of “night” or “old”, which are the opposites.)  Lavender and gold spots and dots, silver glittery sparkles, multi–colored leaves…totally amazing attributes unlike anything the Glories’ garden had ever seen before.  Astonishing!  Appealing!  They “oooed” and “ahhhed”.

Then they got afraid.  Whispering whines whirled around the patch of Morning Glory flowers that morning, growing in the deep crevice on the side of the rocky mountain. “Who IS that?”, they cried.  “How did it get here without us noticing? And where is our is dear friend, the one that looks the same as us?”

Suddenly, the lot of them leaned in and learned.  The new creature was No Stranger.  Beginning to expand their mind, with thoughts as glorious as her new showy colors, a new vibration and sound reached everyone who was listening and seeing.  Remember.  They had no idea about the idea of change and different.  Yet, as the new, different, changed sound reached them, it had a familiar ring.  Why YES!  It IS our garden patch dear Morning Glory friend.  But see how altered she is!  How beautiful!

Don’t be scared”, she told them.  “Don’t be afraid of turning around and facing the other way.   At first the voice inside me was very faint and went unnoticed.  Then it grew louder and stronger and grabbed the attention it deserved.  One of the first things it said was ‘turn East!’  What was East?  There was only one direction.  Right?  Then, when it had my focus, many other unknown notions began whirling around my flower head.  At six o’clock in the morning we wake up.  At seven, we unfurl.  All along we thoughtlessly thought west was the only way to face.  West HAD to be right.  We thought our Red, and Red Pink, and Red Orange was all we could be.  Why?  Why did we believe that? Is that what our ancestors taught us? With all that I know, I surely know this.  A new Light spoke to me, a Source from the inside, from the glue that holds all of me together.  A still little voice…strong and steady, always present.  At six o’clock this very morning, I really began to awaken.  Bit by bit, embracing these new ideas, my outer body of Glory essence began to transform.  From the inside out, in glorious gradient colors!  At last, finally, after a long time contemplating the universe, my imagination imagined new dreams.  Did you know that ‘Uni-Verse’ means ‘One song’? And that the One Song can have many unlimited blended sounds?

Every morning my dreams caused small changes.  One morning, this morning, my Being awoke at the usual time, six a.m. facing EAST!  Shielding the eyes of my vision, a blinding Light filled my essence soul with warmth and color and brilliance.  Frightened, my pedals tried to curl back up and close.  But the delicious deluge of warm light rays comforted me.  In that instant, the Light birthed all new colors, all new strength, all new senses, all new vision.  Look at me!  Can you feel the new vibration? Can you feel this higher frequency?”

She sang many new notes to them.  Something inside their long green stems melted away.  One by one, the Morning glories turned around, from facing west, to facing East.  Shouts of glee, excited exclamations filled their side of the mountain, echoing upward, toward the new Light of Day, outside the crevice where they were planted.  Their Easterly faces transformed the Glories’ countenance with colors and hues that raised an Unstoppable Voice They loved the Light that serenaded them.  Suddenly, they realized it had been calling to them all along.  Why had they not heard it sooner?  The answer was so simple.  Do you know it?  Opening their Being-ness, their Glory Essence heart, was the key.  Once the idea rose with the Dawn, a bright awakening swelled up their Life force in every cell, in every pedal, and in every leaf.

Their routine stayed the same, being rooted and grounded to the mountainside, after all.  Now, at six o’clock a.m. in the morning, all the Morning Glories glorified the Dawn.  They kissed the Light and the Light kissed them.  They finally recognized that what they once thought was light, was really only a shadow that fooled them into thinking it was the light.  It was the Lie! A new multi-colored diversity was their Song.  Choruses of symphonic cacophonies blended together.  The Light played Hide and Seek in the great expanse of Sky, radiating downward into the crevice.  Newness woke them up every morning.  They eagerly bedded down in the garden each evening the Light went to sleep, knowing it would greet them with new News of a higher vibration in the morning.  Rejoicing with the mountain that birthed their seeds, they appeared bound to the rock, but were really free, unfettered Beings.  The sparkling glitter flitted and bounced from flower to flower, some falling in new places in the crevice.  New Morning Glories grew and joined the chorus.

A new perception of East, millions of colors, symphonic concertos, and play, showed them that they had been facing the shadow of non-light light for a very long time.  The shadow taught them, in the end, how glorious the Light really was.  “Keep your face to the Light, and the shadows fall behind”.

If you walk in the valley below the mountainside, listen carefully.  You will hear tinkling giggles of laughter from all the glorious Morning glories of lavender, red, pink, orange, gold, aqua, vermillion and silvery glitter, growing deep in the crevice on the side of the mountain.  So deep, that Giggles of Echoes can be heard for miles and miles and miles:  Millions of colors bringing Morning Glory Smiles!

Asparagus       Amaryllis         Almond African Violet               Apricot Avocado          Aster    Blueberry         Bergamot Black Eyed Susan          Burgundy         Bittersweet       Blizzard blue    Burnt Orange    Burnt Umber    Broccoli Basil     Bing cherry      Brown Sugar    Banana Beet     Buttercup        Baby Breath     Bittersweet       Carnation Pink      Cadet Blue        Coconut white  Chocolate Milk Cinnamon        Cumulous white Cayenne           Cherry Calla Lily         Chestnut           Catmint Clematis           Coral Bell         Cherry Blossom Pink     Crimson Sunset Dandelion        Denim  Daisy   Dill      Electric Lime    Eggplant          Evening Primrose          Evergreen Deep Fuchsia Falling Leaves  Flan     Flame Lily        Goldenrod        Geranium         Granny Apple Green      Garlic Ginger             Grape Hyacinth  Honey  Hyacinth          Hellebore         Hot Magenta     Heather Indigo  Iris Purple Jungle Green    Jacaranda         Jonquil Yellow  Kale Green       Lettuce Lavender          Lily      Lupin   Lobster Red Orange        Larkspur          Lilac    Lily of the Valley          Mango            Marigold          Mushroom Molasses          Meringue         Mum    Morning Glory  Mint     Magnolia Maven Murano Maroon      Mauvelous Midnight Sky    Mulberry    Navy Bean   Naval Orange   Orchid Olive    Pacific-Blue-Hawaii      Pearl-Earring  Pine-Island        Palm Tree     Peony   Plum-Pudding   Peachy Peach   Parsley  Curl    Periwinkle        Polar Bear white Purple Mountain Majesty Papaya Orange  Peppermint       Queen Ann Lace            Rosebud Delicato          Raisin Russet  Radish Red       Raw Siena Italy Red Bliss Potato Strawberry       Safflower         Salmon Scarlet Pimpernel Sunflower        Sweet Pea         Spring Grass     Sparkling Rain  Tomato Turmeric Tiger Eye  Teal Ocean Tulip Fields Tropical Rai         Watermelon Wisteria Vine     Wasabi-Spice  Violet-Sunset Valencia-Orange  Zebra-Fuzz    Zeppole-Zizzles

Namaste to all your Zillions of Millions of Colors!











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