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Photography was a passion since the 5th grade. It still is. Imagine the world without pictures. How for granted we take images all around us.  Now it is almost impossible to know what is an authentic, original image and one doctored in PhotoShop. My opinion? (whoops, that’s another category!) I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Today I bought an updated software that resizes images to almost 100 times the original, without losing any detail or precision.  The company had a ‘premiere package’ available for more money.  Deciding that because I didn’t do much photography any more, I didn’t need it.  Then I watched a 10 minute tutorial of what the Premier package could do.  And WHAMMO!  HOLY MOLY!  With over 40,000 images in Lightroom, do ya think I could have some FUN recreating them? You BETCHA (thank you Sarah Palin for that word!).  So, when On One opens Monday morning, i’m getting the Premier package.  What could be better than that on a Thanksgiving weekend?  If you EVER hear me complain I’m bored after buying that software, you have permission to kick my ass!

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