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is a high end, fine art line of WearAble Art Scarves.

Winter waits for no one!  Go to the Collection page, click on the first scarf and see for yourself… You can’t find this  heirloom quality craftsmanship for these personal prices!  (Most local craft guilds charge double)kim_montage-copy

Braving piercing winter winds, iKnit–Infinity scarves  feel so luxurious, wrapping a one around your neck and head will tame frigid temperatures into submission, making you feel like a super hero/shero!!   Winter does not discriminate.

Jacqueline Sacs was born in Manhattan, New York, raised on Long Island with a recent decade in south Florida (where there aren’t any yarn stores).  Retiring from  teaching high school art, she moved to Asheville in September 2012 and began knitting Mobius (seamless loop) Infinity scarves and hasn’t stopped.  It became a new creative Expression.

The Mobius Infinity ‘inside out’ pattern  technique has become Jacqueline’s signature design.  There is no wrong side: When the scarf is twisted into a wrap, both sides are the same! They are ribbed — a kind of cushioned insulating pattern of stitching that makes this accessory extraordinarily warm and cozy for both women and men. Each iKnit-Infinity scarf is divinely inspired making each one unique, like the people that buy,wear and commission them.  Jacqueline’s Collection of elegant one of a kind iKnit-Infinity scarves are ravishing, cozy and amazingly warm.

Scarves here may be bought through emailing Jacqueline and paying through PayPal..  This Collection Catalog is a list of what may be ordered, making each commission a custom work.  Dye lots vary, but color schemes don’t.  Neither does the style of yarn.  The photo to the right is KIMMIE IN WNC PURE SKY. This is a custom creation of TROY IN REDNatural  fiber products express the inherent Divinity of Earth and Human creativity, inherent in Appalachia, Western North Carolina (WNC).

This AMERICAN MADE industry is a vital element in  bringing back thriving commerce and prosperity to America.  Ironically, Appalachia, thought of as ‘poor and destitute’ to the outside world, is one of the richest resources in the world.  With over 500 fiber farmers, natural,  chemical free feed and grass are fed to their cows, sheep, goats, alpaca, llamas and rabbits and horses. The fur is healthy, ever abundant, producing profusely on time, regardless of what Wall Street dictates.  Troy, is wearing an iKnit-Infinity scarf for myself.  Selling it to him was a tough choice, but he’s a special person and I couldn’t be prouder of how, with such stately respect and admiration for having this, he wears this.  His comment?  “I LOVE THIS SCARF!  If you change your mind and want it back, JUST TRY AND GET IT!”

Hats are a new accessory.  Sets of iKnit_Infinity scarf & Hat are available at time of order.









All scarves are knit with natural fibers from all over the world.  Custom sized just to look absolutely fabulous on you!

(All Sales are FINAL- no refunds or exchanges)  Payments through Square using your credit card info.  

















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