Native American Dance

Shinnecock and Cherokee

2001 was a terrific beginning to the new millenium.  One of the events laying claim to that was my first Native Pow Wow dance competition out east on Long Island, in SouthHampton, on the south shore.  Using a new digital 35mm single lens reflex was strange to me, as was the culture.  To my amazement, the dancers were all colors, and I’m not just talking about their Regalia.  They were native, white, black and everything else you can think of, men and women.

After moving to the mountains of Western North Carolina, I frequented two more pow wow competitions, this time with the Cherokee Tribe.  It’s beyond me why they chose the hottest days of summer to run this show.  Near fainting in the shade, how the dancers pranced, jumped and danced center field in straight sunlight, was beyond me.  Women, children, teenagers and men all participated with passion and focus.

The Regalia, or costumes, had to be created by hand, by the dancers.  Laborious, textural, move-ablitiy with the pounding drums and chants, these images.  The images seen on this page will reflect Visual Sound.  It is fluid, graceful, colorful and delicious.