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This Catalog represents the styles and colors available, along with types of wool. Once a scarf is sold, a new
Custom order commissions are available.  All sales are final and non refundable. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. custom piece may be created, keeping in mind dye lots are never exact matches, but are similar. Once a dye lot is gone, there is never an identical match. Buying enough yarn for YOUR iKnit-Infinity scarf is imperative at the time of purchase.  Too much is better than not enough.  A scarf may take up to a month to finish. ABOUT THESE SCARVES: An infinity scarf is hard to lose because it can’t fall off!

• Some scarves are shorter/wider – 1X single wrap, others are long/narrow (3-4X wrap).

Jacqueline's latest: Shaken Not Stirred

Jacqueline’s latest:
Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred With Hoodie

Shaken Not Stirred With Hoodie

• Narrow means fewer rows of ribbing.  Wider = more rows.

• Knitting a scarf is not scientific so lengths vary depending on the thickness of the yarn and how much is available of each skein.

• Since humans are not machines, there may be a minor flaw but nothing that detracts from the design or longevity. I believe we are all striving to work through our ‘holes’ to fill them with what Kenny Loggin’s called BIG LOVE..  So my creations reflect the Divine in me honoring the Divine in You, wrapping in a secure sense that all is right with the world!

When selecting yarns Jacqueline becomes inspired by color and texture, often adding multiple kinds of wool and filament, such as Mohair, Eyelash and metallic blends that add sparkle. Seeing them online here can’t possibly ‘touch’ actually feeling them and wrapping yourSelf in divine luxury!


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