Recently, a few individuals commented, “why don’t you make a cheaper, less expensive scarf?”

The Collection premiered in public in West Asheville at a Fall Craft Show.  It became obvious that ‘expensive items’ were selling for $25.00, like gang-busters!  iKnit-Infinity did not exactly fit in.  However, the opportunity to display the line of a fabulous fall day was the right thing to do.  Saying that it was FRUSTRATING being the booth next to the vendor who ‘killed it’ with $25 rayon batik/tie dye looking infinity scarves, is an understatement.  So who HAS THE BETTER IDEA… HOLD OUT WITH HIGH END, OR SELL WITH CHEAPER STUFF?

There is a vital connection to Earth, the Farmers and their Animals, the fleece, the spinners, and the dyers.  Buying a factory made acrylic yarn at Joanne’s fabrics just doesn’t cut it.  Taking the emotion out of the equation, it takes just as long knitting a cheap yarn ad it does one that costs $28 a schein, or more... when one scarf requires about 3 of them… that adds up. So knitting a ‘cheaper scarf’ isn’t in the cards.  Jacqueline simply DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!.  Enough said.


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