No Lines


Wow!  It’s two weeks before Christmas and there are NO LINES in the post office.  What planet am I on?


Wait!  I can’t write on this paper.  There are NO LINES here and I’ll go all over the page!  PLEASE give me lines!


Look!  When I look up at the 110 story skyscraper there are NO LINES near the top (that I can see anymore).


the 65 year old person looked in the mirror after her Lifestyle face lift and proclaimed, with a very tight smile, “I have NO LINES in my face anymore!


The coach yelled at his faltering triathlon team, ‘AIM –Damn you!  There are NO LINES carrying your bullets to the target!


The new store decided to open early, for the holiday rush.  They forgot one thing.  Chaos reigned when customers’ cars blocked one another because the lot had NO LINES designating parking spaces.


Wait just a darn minute!  This map has NO LINES for the streets.  How do I know which way to drive?


Can you think of any other scenarios with NO LINES?  The one above that comes closest to the theme of this article would be, can you guess?  If you picked #2, lineless paper, you are correct!  But they all have the same concept.  The content changes, not the context.  What would our lives look like if we had total mental and emotional anarchy:  NO LINES to set limits, expectations, boundaries, maps to live by… NO LINES splitting the street in two opposing directions to keep vehicles from colliding head on?  We actually have built a system of lines, coast to coast (rails), tarmac – runways, runners — narrow strips of carpeting to quiet a hallway… as this gets written, more examples of our linear structure pop into ‘mind’.

In nature, there are no straight lines.  Next time you go outside look around.  See if you can find any straight lines around you.  Man makes straight lines “the shortest distance between two points is _____________?  A STRAIGHT LINE!  Boxes, houses, rulers, triangles, tablecloths, furniture…. All straight lines.

How rigid have we become following the straight lines we were born into?  How conscious of those lines are we?  Assumptions  (Ass-u-me) are unconscious decisions we make based on our past experiences that we don’t even think about.  So, how often during the day do we Ass-U-Me and find ourselves in hot water, a bad place, feeling badly and not knowing why?  Has our past painted our future already?  Don’t kid yourself.  We don’t need a microchip implanted into our brain to be controlled.  We already are.  Our religious training, our public education training, our parents diseases (dis-eases), belief systems, furniture choices… how much of us is really us?

You may have heard it said that we come here, are born, with a unique purpose.  Our job is to find out what that is, go after it, and live it.  Most of us know what that purpose is by the time we are seven years old.  Then we go to school and march to the beat of the hierarchy, losing our innate identity.  We ‘line up’, we ‘follow the leader who is first’, we wait on line for lunch… We line up in size order… we become a line on a graph measuring our ‘gains’ academically.  But guess what?  That PURPOSE is STILL IN THERE!  As we become buried in the lineage of family, if we are lucky enough to have a family, the challenge of keeping our purpose on the surface gets harder.  Every once and a while, clues will spring up in front of you, as a reminder…. That’s RE-MIND-ER!.  Remember AGAIN.

We are all unique expressions and manifestations of our divine given gifts.  How many of us move forth knowing and operating that fact?  How many make decisions based on straight line doctrine because we were raised that way?  Part of the purpose of education is to wake individuals up from an early age, to be inquisitive.  Did you ever encounter a two or three year old child?  What is their favorite word?

‘Why?’ No.  Not a question; rather, an answer, their answer.  We can either think in a horizontal straight line of one thought from one another, or we can enter the silence of a meditative state and venture onto the vertical line to our built-in guidance system and direct access to Source.

There is a film called E X A M.  Eight candidates enter a high tech, barren room as candidates for an extremely prestigious job.  They are all late twenties, multi cultural.  Five men, three women.  The facilitator tells them, “Listen to what I am about to tell you because it will not be repeated.  You have 80 minutes to complete the test.  If you contact me or the guard you will be disqualified and escorted out of the room.  If you voluntarily leave the room for any reason, you will be disqualified.

If you soil your test paper in any way, you will be disqualified.  You will have one question each with 80 minutes to complete it.  Are there any questions?”

No one raised their hand.  The facilitator left the room, with the security guard at the door, staring into space like a robot.  He was not to intervene.  His singular job was to remove violators.


The movie lasted 80 minutes and the human nature of these finalists for one position collaborated and tortured one another until only one was left, or so it seemed.  Each paper had a number printed on it, signifying the candidate.  That was all.  The pursuit began with trying to figure out the question:  The horizontal linear inquisition of thought.   But they all missed the very obvious, until one of them went vertical and discovered the most obvious solution they all overlooked, trying to out smart one another.



Straining and struggling on the horizontal tract rarely gets us to the place we seek.  Relaxing and hopping on board the vertical express to source energy is the unlikely place we learn what we need to know.  The next time you feel yourself pulled in all directions, stop.  Cancel.  Enter the ethers where time and space do not exist.  Become the entity of Expression you seek, where NO LINES exist.


© 2023 Jacqueline Sacs All rights reserved