The Legacy of Stanley Gould

Maybe it was sitting all weekend in the Ed Sullivan Studio as the Sunday evening show was laid out and rehearsed, or the other shows my CBS Cameraman father televised… but PEOPLE was always my preference to photograph.

‘Capture’ is the perfect choice of word for what photographer acquire when they shoot human expression.  Capturing part of the Soul, the Spirit, the ‘what makes us tick’, creates our legacy.  We hang large decor canvases of our family in our home.  The images are continually before us, supporting the union, the ‘knit together in love’ we represent to the outside world and the inside world of our heart.

Stanley Gould was my dad.  Second generation shooter.  His father gave us endless moving pictures and black and white stills of us as we entered the earth plane.  He gave us our legacy.  Dad sold prints in high school; learned about a week before lung cancer took his life.  I am the third generation shooter.

Enjoy this human CAPTURE.  See yourself before Jacqueline Sacs’ lens and IMAGINE the REAL YOU, the one you came here to BE, adorning your eyes, hugging your Soul… and having it always hanging before you as you trudge through life… knowing that essence of YOU is ALWAYS THERE, ALL WAYS,  ALWAYS, come what may.


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