By Jacqueline Sacs • 

Based on a Quote by Fenwick Holmes • 

From his book Law of Mind in Action


 “The healer is not the source, but the channel; not the light, but the window; not the electricity, but the wire.”


Source Energy is the medium of LIGHT. This medium needs a source ‘like ItSelf’ to pass through and manifest ItSelf in form: Unformed into Formed. The stain glass window is a metaphor in the cathedral of our Universe. It is this framework, the structure, the ‘lead channels’ that perfectly contour each glass piece, the sum of the Whole: LIFE. We are these panes of glass cut by the master’s hand: Each one unique in shape, color, density, texture, purpose; all united in One composition, one Race Consciousness, by the liquid stream of lead channeling on the copper wire wrapped around every single piece of glass as Us.

We Are The Window. Spirit is the Light.

In this Divine Design we each are a vital, irreplaceable presence. The frame holding us together is Source Energy. Together and individually, we act as a window for Source Light to penetrate, to permeate and shine through me as me, is me. After all, if It’s Light fills every sub atomic particle of this form called Me, how could any part of Me Not be God? There is only One Light, One Frame, One Window, One Purpose in us, as us, is us: A point of Light shining through each and every One of Us. No matter who we are, what we are, how we are, why we are, when we are, our highest Essence is as One United Being.

Imagine what life would be like if we vibrated our higher Self at the extreme highest  Point of Light possible! Imagine accomplishing Peace, Unity, Love, Prosperity… transforming unformed substance into whatever it is we wanted, just by uttering the unspoken  thought to make it so. Fantasy? Not so much. It is happening now.

Each task, each pane of glass in the Master’s Framework…channeling Source Energy through us – to perform – Manifesting Magic, transforming unformed substance of thought into form, like a 3D printer. Imagine transmuting darkness into light, dis-ease into wholeness, back into Light, rebalancing and aligning with the Source Energy of Creation ItSelf.  Regardless of its physical and non-physical characteristics,each pane receives identical piercing Light Energy. This Source current travels through the copper channel beneath the lead.

 I AM that I AM.

I AM the Window.

I AM the center point of the circle without circumference, without borders, without boundaries, as One with Source. Some call this Source God, Buddha, Allah, Abba… as many Names as there are cultures  expressing on this planet.

I AM the Window; every time, every when, every how, every what, every why.  

I AM the Window, the channel connecting every pane of glass in the Framework, the Infinite copper-wire medium bonding to molten lead; keeping the identity of each pane of glass in place…forging the Whole Picture of US as Spirit’s Medium of Expression. The Light of Billions of Stars, in our Galaxy alone, illuminate every place, every space that is unlike ItSelf.

“We are the Channel,

not the Healer.

We are the Window,

not the Light.

We are the Wire,

not the Electricity.”





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