“In our joining, a power greater than the sum of it’s parts

is released into the universe… expanding who we are,

altering our personal boundary lines,

redesigning the map of our former existence.

   We are becoming who we need to be

       to stand at each other’s side.”


Tradition is irreplaceable. 

This heirloom quality masterpiece creates a new family legacy with.

All prints have an original Jacqueline Sacs signature.

Gilded prints become original art as each one is unique in placement of metal leaf.

There is space for the couple to sign their names next to Jacqueline’s name, along the bottom curve of the circle. 

This Circle of One Wedding mandala may be matted and framed at your favorite frame shop.  



Plain Print 8″ Circle on 11X14 archival paper  ($50) + s/h

Plain Print 12″ Circle on 16X20 archival paper ($75) + s/h

May be signed before couples frame this art


Print with added multi tone METAL LEAF 12″ only on 16X20 archival paper +s/h

3 areas gilded ($175) — 6 areas gilded ($250) 12″ only on 16X20 archival paper +s/h


Paypal: worldsacs@gmail.com

Allow 2 weeks for plain prints to arrive

and 4 weeks for gilded prints to arrive


CONTACT Reverend Susan Marlan, Officiant, who has joined together thousands of couples.

BeLoved Ceremony