This is about a business model that is turning the world of travel upside down, which, of course, is right side up.

Now picture the triangle upside down, with the point at the bottom, where the Founder(s), CEO and Executive Team reside.  On the hypotenuse are the worker bees operating their piece of the pie, being ‘fed’ upwards by this Team – to their peeps: They built this nest and are feeding their fledglings.  Not the other way around. This is a business model that W. Edwards Deming invented with TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. He was a statistician and business consultant whose methods helped hasten Japan’s recovery after the Second World War and beyond, that led that country’s economy out of the junk toy business and into major manufacturing.  It was a radical shift from having the workers feed the bosses.  Now, the bosses fed the workers and the results were astounding profitability in the bank and in the stature of the laborers.

This travel company modeled their system, imitating Total Quality Management and everyone who worked the work profited.  The Service Leadership and trainers at the bottom value their ‘fields’ input, their strength in numbers, the one person reaching out to another person, creating a chain of human electromagnetic effervescence…  creating an unprecedented power for buying on the world market.  It encompasses resorts, airlines, cruise lines and  an online shopping mall.  The founders created a new system to funnel the money back to the workers (the field) instead of to the vendor corporations. There is no greed.  Everyone WINS and PROSPERS!  As time passes, those in the field that work this system evidence financial Free-dom to have more, be more, do more in the worldWHEN WE HAVE MORE TO GIVE we can give more so that others less fortunate have more also.  AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT. The worker bees at the top are motivated. Time only sharpens their skills and excitement.  It only gets better!  They jump ALL IN and go ALL OUT.  Read about this phenomenon.

Savannah Riker wrote

“We are being called to a higher level of being, service, action, compassion and change in our old patterning.  It is unavoidable…  It is the mirror that so unapologetically reflects itself back to us.”

Then she states that in Cairo alone, where she landed to start a ministry, there are 25 million people, 60% are between the ages of 18 and 34.  In this 21st century that age group is called The MillennialsThey are the largest segment of humans traveling earth and traveling now.  Next is the Boomers.

mil·len·nial noun

plural noun: millennials; plural noun: Millennials:  A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; a Generation Y’er. “the industry brims with theories on what makes millennials tick”

Imagine a world, where 15,000,000 (that’s 15 million – just in ONE city alone!) young people get to travel the world, meet others face to face in an exchange of service, action, compassion and leadership… imagine 3600 of PEACE.    Isolated we fall prey to false ideologies, beliefs, limitations, lies, some that go back hundreds if not thousands of years.  Blended we learn that we are all the same, ONE, want the same things:  We love our brothers, love our sisters, our aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, lovers, partners, pets… We are ALL lovers of something good:  GOOD as defined by eternal Truth, capital ‘T’:  The Good aspects of a higher power, the Source Creator, before religion diminished IT.

Riker continues on the last page of her article:

“When we are able to meet people right where they are, standing in truth, love, harmony, freedom, tolerance, acceptance and compassion, we will move the world with our conviction of love and radiance.

When we have truly seen the underbelly of a culture, it’s darkness and light, places where it must grow, shift and change – just as these places must within ourselves – I truly believe we become global citizens.”

Baby boomers, the second largest segment of humans traversing this planet on vacation trips, remember when a long distance phone call meant calling the operator, arranging a time for the call, and getting charged an arm and a leg for the process of communicating with someone out of town.  “Quiet!! I’m on LONG DISTANCE!”.  Remember that?!  The calls were kept under three minutes because after that the price sky-rocketed.  Call over seas?  Forget about it!

Millennials are aware, in the United States, anyway, that there will be no Social Security, no Pensions, no Medicare, no Retirement funds what so ever… No permanent jobs… they will have 4-14 jobs in a lifetime.  They are jumping ALL IN to opportunities to capture their financial independence in 4 years instead of the proverbial 40 years.  There is actually a group call The R.A.T. Pack:  Rich at Twenty – Retired At Thirty. They are grabbing the gold ring and never letting go until they are established with residual income to last their lifetime.  They know that to make hay while the sun shines NOW will provide a life of Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment as they become the same age as baby boomers are now, the difference being, by the time they get there, they will have ‘made a living LIVING!’  Doing what they want, when they want, how they want, with whom ever they want.  Imagine how different your life would be if you had THAT opportunity!  Well, it’s staring YOU IN THE FACE RIGHT NOW!  H E L L O ! !  It’s Here Now.  What is your decision about coming ALL IN and going ALL OUT? Where is YOUR OPPORTUNITY?

Millennialls and Boomers are the largest demographic ‘Tripping’.  There is a travel club that provides that opportunity for those wise in their youth (some actually begin as seniors in high school and are retired by 22, some are senior citizens who have retired and can still live their dreams starting out with nothing and building a generational wealth to pass on to their families) who are wise in their ‘senior-ity’, who get the whole big picture, which is this:  Service Leadership, booking vacations in countries like Guatemala, where they contribute their labor, love and liveliness to building bottle schools – 48 so far… like Africa where they provide clean water, cutting edge filtration systems and wells for children in orphanages… like partnerships with Boys and Girls Clubs of America refurbishing their meeting places… building basketball courts in large inner-cities across America.  Where people are crying out, Millennialls and Boomers and ages in between are rising up, paying to traveling to these locations as trips and lending hand and heart, making a difference in the lives of children globally and in themselves.  The 18-34 year olds aren’t spending their first 20 years living in denial just to dig it up ‘later’.  ‘Later’ does not compute. They are living in the moment.  The moment is where PASSION BREEDS.  They are living their passion NOW and the rest of us are catching their effervescence!

This is about using the Travel Industry as a vehicle.  Every member that takes a conventional trip or a volunteer trip creates a thread of cultural connection globally.  It is a new ‘net’ uniting humanity at large, for Good.  Statistically the fastest growing travel company in the world, with over 46 consecutive months of growth, with over 550,000+ members globally (25,000 memberships a month last year and 100,000+ a month this year = exponential growth)… using portions of monthly memberships to buy materials to build those bottle schools, water filtration systems, wells, basket ball courts, work with Girls and Boy Cubs (2,500,000 children), altering lives, and raising our human global connections through

L O V E,  A C T I O N and WISDOM.

Travel more for deep discounts or even FREE?  WHAT!?  which reminds me…. ‘who would think we wouldn’t keep PAYING FOR LONG DISTANCE?!’  Well, do you pay for it now?  Of course not.  Because someone somewhere thought of a new fangled concept of talking on a phone without wires, without plugging it in, without a rotary dial… now we have an integral, service leadership corporation serving the field globally with a vision of creating FREE TRAVEL for everyone, everywhere.  Many members are traveling for free, are retired in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s after 2-4 years… This is no longer just about ME anymore folks:  This vision includes Humanity At Large traveling for free, which to me, eliminates borders between countries, eliminates separation, bonding us as a unique ONE entity.

Are you open to a new idea, a new system that overhauled and redesigned how it is done? Is multi-level a dirty word to you, still locked into past experiences?  Do key words and phrases still trigger your past?  Are you going to continue in denial or welcome a new idea?  Do you still use the rotary dial?

What if I told you this company is the NEXT FACEBOOK of the TRAVEL industry… would you be open minded then?  What would your life be like now if Zuckerberg offered you a piece of his pie when he launched Facebook and you said, “YES!  I’M ALL IN!”?  If Steve Jobs came to you and asked, “I’m taking Apple public, do you want in?”  What would you tell him?


We get to ‘cultivate our passion’, according to Grey Lavoy, whose new book is called VITAL SIGNS.  We cultivate our passion in the moment, not on the 5 year plan.  Our current moment of passion breeds seeds for the 5 year plan, one at a time.

How many of us cultivate passion by taking risks?  How many muster up the courage to even step onto the playing field?  How many jump ALL IN?   What is your most recent ACT OF COURAGE that kick-started your passion into PLAY – ALL OUT?  200 times a day every day we choose:  Growth or Fear?  20 seconds of courage activates the passion, the vision, the stick-to-it-ness.

“Keep coming back to the game and not giving up on it…  We have to catch the passion first before we can spread it.”  Passion is endurance.  Passion is staying power.  Passion is the Viagra of accomplishment and success, drive and devotionPassion breeds passionPassion has staying power! 

At the end of his talk, Greg Lavoy told a story by novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

A man is trying to solve the worlds problems. His little boy comes running into the room asking if he could help.  The man is touched by the boys concern but he’s impatient to get on with it.  So he takes a map of the world and he rips it into little pieces and he gives it to the boy and he says, “here.  You can help by piecing the world back together.”  The kid has no conception of what the world looks like.  He takes the pile of ripped up paper back to his room.  Two days later he comes running back in.  “Father, father.  I’ve put the world back together!”  All the little pieces of paper had been meticulously taped back together.  The father is stunned.  He asks, “how did you do that?”  The boy turns the paper over.  He goes, “well, on the back was a picture of a person.  I put the person back together.  When I turned it over, the world was back together!”

As we rearrange the pieces of ourselves, the world heals with us, when we take action by using our wisdom – ‘ACTIONABLE WISDOM, Passion marries Courage and Risk so we can spread it around Creating the colors of Joy!

Step in, Stand Tall, give yourself that moment of passion, give yourself 60 minutes to plant your next 5 years.  We all want to be Free.  We all want to be happy.  We all want perfect Prosperity. When enough of us come together in decisive commitment, are bold enough, are open enough, are shifting, are deciding to make that choice for Good… then we the people, humanity at large will be better, will be lifted up, UNITED in PEACE, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING.  It’s time to start dreaming and TRIPping into the light fantastic, creating a Un -I-ted planet!  ACTIONABLE WISDOM – ALL IN… ALL OUT.





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