Enterprise, Alabama was a cotton-farming town.  In 1915 the Mexican Boll Weevil appeared and by 1918 the cotton crop was decimated.  They were broke, thanks to the uninvited pest.  The town council called a meeting and they decided not to plant cotton that year but instead plant peanuts.  It was a risk saying, ”nuts to the boll weevil”; they planted peanuts.  The yield was so much greater than any year prior to the arrival of the boll weevil that they stuck with peanuts and also learned to rotate crops.  The town was richer than ever before.

The citizens were so grateful to the boll weevil that they erected a statue in the very center of town.  A goddess in long flowing gown held her arms together held straight up to the sky and in her hands was, you guessed it, a Boll Weevil.  Profits from the peanuts helped pay for the statue.  It was erected as a “tribute to how something disastrous can be a catalyst for change and remind the people of Enterprise adjusted in the face of adversity.  The monument was dedicated on December 11, 1919 at the intersection of College and Main Street, the heart of the town’s business district.”

The people of Enterprise transcended what could have been a catastrophe.  They could have feared, done nothing different and not changed direction.  But they did and came up with a better idea, acted on it, reaping the rewards.

We all face the Boll Weevil of our existence now and then.  If we remember a few good quotes, we can create a better outcome:

— “When you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist.”  Wayne Dyer

–“Hidden within every problem lies an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem”.

Albert Einstein


Who has shown up as the Boll Weevil in your life? Did you focus on the doom and gloom, make fearful decisions, or did you realize YOU ARE GREATER THAN THAT?  Remember that transcendent part of who you are:  “All the power and intelligence of the Universe is already within waiting to be utilized.”  When we recognize that spark of Light within us and fan it into a blaze of living action, we turn away from the Boll Weevil and harvest our nuts!

Here’s to the Boll Weevil and it’s mission to destroy and conquer.  If it wasn’t for that bug, the town of Enterprise never would have known it’s immense prosperity and joy.  The plaque in the heart of town reads,

“In profound appreciation of the Boll Weevil and what it has done as the herald of prosperity this monument was erected by the citizens of Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama.”

LessonThe next time a ‘boll weevil’ shows up on your door step or thoughts, remember this: YOU ARE GREATER THAN THAT!  Even if it’s a lawyer who buzzes and flaps his loud bug-wings, threatening fear and destruction, YOU ARE GREATER THAN THAT!  A greater idea will appear.  A better Law Team appears who knows that planting peanuts is the answer.   Stick to peanuts, and never look back.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I shall fear no Weevil!”


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