By Jacqueline Sacs


Red pill Blue pill.

Which will you swallow.


Choosing red leads you to Truth; uncovers lies, deceptions and betrayals

so painful as to incinerate our past confidences and trusts.

The Matrix is not a fiction. 

It is a documentary.


On September 11, 2001 I got a call in the morning from a friend to turn on the TV.  I did.  With jaws dropped, gasping for air, I witnessed what the world did:  9/11.  Waking up my 20 year old son, he continued to be glued to his computer searching for factual evidence of the breakneck speed, 3 building collapse… three buildings — only two planes. How did that happen? 

This is not about proving anything, though an ‘evidential link’ shall be provided for your expansive contemplation. 

Next day after the murder of 2996 souls, my son screams:  MOM!!! COME HERE!!!  He showed me videos posted on YouTube – tiny explosive blasts shooting horizontally out of Building 7: Controlled Demolition.  Fifteen years later, with tons of forensic evidence from scientists around the world, YouTube reveals the identical blasts from Towers 1 and 2, accompanied by 3D CGI holographic technology that there were actually NO PLANES at all that struck the towers.  That’s correct.  NO PLANES.  Whatsoever!  What was birthed with this event was the scripted TV and News industry (main stream media)  complicit, intentional deception of TRUTH, knowing the masses of public attention were on them. 

The dust created by the collapsing structures was not caused by airplane fuel/fire, but by chemicals.  Dr. Judy Wood – Forensic scientist:  You’d better sit down for this. (30 minute version) (2.5 hour version)





My son nibbled the red pill in 2001.  So happens The Matrix was his favorite movie.  He was the crowbar that pried my closed sensibilities open.  Simultaneously after waking me up, his girlfriend (who later became his wife) ordered him to cease and desist his 9/11 obsession.  He obliged, along with all other ‘conspiracy theories’ that have since been proven not to be theories at all.  That red pill he swallowed  is still in there, but he dare not expose it.  He has been silent ever since, calling his mother a conspiracy, insane person.

He was 37 then when we had a 55 minute conversation consisting of his constant CNN chatter.  Unbelievable.  I was listening to scripted ‘fake news’ audio recordings he absorbed at 7 pm each evening.  Forty years ago MSM (MainStreamMedia news) was eliminated from my daily agenda.  “You are smarter than that mom”, he repeated over three times, chastising me in circles;  additionally insisting that Alex Jones deserved to censored because “he was spreading riots and working with Nazis”. That topic reached the deal breaker and was terminated with , “I don’t tell you how to think, don’t tell me how to think”.  End.  Subject changed.  What the F happened to the First Amendment of free speech!  It doesn’t matter what his or my opinions are about anyone, Free Speech and still Free Speech.  Or is it REALLY FREE? Blue pillers’ don’t think so!

If you think 9/11 was unfathomable, try listening to your flesh and blood, the one who originally ‘woke you up’, denying all of it now.  There was no going back for me, not then, not now, not ever Not even to forge a lasting relationship with my only child.  That sacrifice for Truth?  Never!  

With every gruesome fact uncovered, the unaware old self dies, making way for the new aware Self.  WE WAKE UP AND CAN NEVER GO BACK.  Sacrifice after sacrifice is made.  The ‘bullets’ we stop are recognized immediately as false ideas and premises; phony invented histories of collusion on high, in school text books… public education fired in the kiln of bought-off officials, designed with complicit-shaped mass slavery and our yesteryear concept of ‘factual history’.   The Red Pill taker wakes up to what is revealed painfully erroneous, forming new thoughts of a replacement reality, creating a more Just Now. And if it isn’t ‘just’, it makes crystal clear the roots of what is showing up now.  The past creates the future and Now is the Past.  Who was behind ALL those lies?  That is the question a Red-Piller seeks to uncover.

We Can See That
“The Architect” of Our Reality is

Us Shaping Our World From the Many Roles We Play

Except the Real One. 

Do we choose Deceit or Truthfulness?

Are you still in the old paradigm of shushing the truth as you see the ‘planes’ hitting the towers of your life or embracing the Daggers of Light-piercing-reality disintegrating those lies?  It’s not a singularity of me agreeing ‘just with people where I live’ (as my son claimed last night), but WE

GLOBALLY Standing together in the ‘Q’ of Truth,


Does the Matrix
Have You In Its Pod?  Only You Can Answer That.

The Oracle tells Neo,

“you got the gift, but it looks like

you’re waiting for something…

your next life maybe, who knows?”

Time to Wake Up from the Dream.

And realize









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