I L O V E  graphic design.  Ever since high school creating concepts promoting my own creations or commissioned pieces, Volunteer Humanitarian Outreach – Pay It Forward Asheville Network —  or getting paid, my clients boast that their WHY for creating their business in the first place, is reflected back to them with the visual symbology I match with their purpose.

I, Jacqueline, commit to serving your Vision, your Plan, your Budget, your Destiny.  I M P A C T is the key.  IMPACT BRANDING IS WHAT I DO EXPRESSING YOUR DEEP INNER WHY.  The purpose being… to ATTRACT your clientele with INSTANT RECOGNITION at ‘first site’.  You shake their hand, depart, and leave them holding your signature identity:  The BUSINESS CARD.


“Jacqueline has worked for and with me on a number of occasions. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her efficiency is second to none and I am always amazed at how quickly she can grasp the client’s needs and requirements.” [Pay It Forward logo, Pay It Forward logo  Hot Drinks, Festival Banner and Header] 
Testimonies to follow…
Dr. Betty TronnierBusiness Card
Wilma Bryant: Business Cards
Nancy MillerLight of Wisdom School, CSL Asheville

“Jacqueline quickly, fluidly and beautifully brings ideas into form.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Jacqueline from start to finish.”

Nancy Miller, RScP Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
Sue Washington:  Fall Craft Festival at CSL Asheville
Into The Wilderness:  Logo and Header
Sarah Cochran:  East Winds Faster EFT Business Card
Michele Laub:  Toltec – Sacred Journey Flyer
“Jackie has created fliers for me that are both unique and easy to read at the same time. She has a special talent that captures the essence and the specific purpose of the information contained n the flier. She produces the work quickly, and accurately. It is pleasure to work with her, and recommend her.”

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