In 2010 I heard about this new release from Linkin Park when it debuted at the MTV awards. The set was none other than the Griffith Observatory, peering into the cosmos as we, the human race, suffers manipulated killing fields called WAR.

This collection came about from the band’s lyrics of the song REQUIEM… words that mirror our society of war mongering for profit…   Perhaps seeing violent images of what our culture thinks is beauty violated, may wake society up.  Exhibited as one panel displaying 9 of these images made it even more striking, leaving an indelible mark in the consciousness of the viewer.

When I listened to the lyrics, inspiration struck me to create a ‘collection’, something I had ever done.

Using high fashion pictures of pristine, meticulous women in masks, I chose them to be the subjects of war.  Song lyrics accompany all this images and actually impacted the final images.

Click on this video to hear the Linkin Park tune that inspired this Requiem Collection.  They were inspired by the ancient Bagavad Gita.