ABOUT:  WorldSacs Voyager is Tripping, Flying, Floating on the Edge of the vast Sea of Humanity.  We, Humanity, are ONE BIG FAMILY, ONE BIG TEAM.  After all, we are made of the same stuff, just inhabit different disguises:  Dark, Light, Yellow, Red.  Our root races (where we ultimately came from), our outer limit destinations when we permanently leave this realm, this King-dom… are all the same, on the inside-out.

What we make of it while we are here is what all our stories are about.  In other blog essays on this site I wrote that FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL. I can give you the facts, how many people from over 30 countries plus are members of this voted BEST travel club, but hearing their stories about memory making experiences far out weighs the numbers. Memories are all we take with us when we leave here.


pieraHISTORY:  MINE.  Let’s start at the very beginning. I spent a semester in Siena, Italy in my junior year of Buffalo State as an Art Education major.  There were 40 students and two sets of professors:  The general Ed kids and the Art Ed kids.  Our academic classes were in the morning. Then the general students had the rest of the day free to travel,etc.  The art students had classes in the afternoon.  Bummer!   I  learned how rabbit glue stinks to holy hell (the real stuff used on renaissance frescos) and I got to paint a cowboy scene on a wall. ( Don’t ask!) – and not much more than that.   I would have gained more life-lesson education perusing around all those afternoons — for SURE!

I didn’t get back to Siena until 1997, 30 years later. I arrived in Il Campo, called Pierina, in 30 year old unused Italian, described my orange jacket to her, so she could identify me.  Her reply, “you think I won’t know who you are?!”, in perfect Tuscan Italian which I UNDERSTOOD perfectly!!

My then 9 year old Italian ‘brother’ Leonardo was now 39;  an entrepreneur as a cinema/advertising location scout, unheard of when he started it. He was worldly and spoke english.  We recently (2016) friended one another on Facebook.

shapeimage_6 copyCarlo, the patriarch, in 1997 was a globally renown fine art painter. We all sat for lunch at the same dining room table I ate daily meals, with the Sempici family, who I lived with in fall, 1967.  The medieval house outside the Roma city gate had been renovated with modern gourmet stove, fridge, preserving the original stone roasting oven.  “Salazero” is the very same villa where St. Katherine of Siena stopped to refresh herself and pray in the little church located below my bedroom.  20 years ago Carlo was still painting in the little Chiesa (church) converted into a new spiritual endeavor:  His art studio!

Time warping up to the 21st century:  Thinking I would go back there at least every 2 years, it’s been 20 and times got hard.

Single since 1997, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale for ten years (2002) then to Asheville in Western North Carolina (2012).

One morning I got an email introducing me to a concept I had never heard about, leading me to join a travel club.  Signing up as a representative with my own travel business led me to world class training events, meeting happy joyous, embracing people from all over the globe who were also members.  Idealistically, it was my gateway back to Italy.  In reality, it never happened.

  The founders of this travel club had a vision that was way bigger than ‘travel’:  UNITING HUMANITY IN JOY.  They knew that when we meet each other face to face, and peer into one another’s eyes, we will a FALL IN LOVE.  When we FALL IN LOVE we won’t shoot one another any longer and PEACE ON EARTH WILL REIGN! What could be better than THAT!

I met my best friend at the first travel party I went to, where I decided to sign up All In.  We are so opposite it’s really hysterical.  Yet here we are, still friends.  We travel together, share hotels, meals, transportation, and fill in each others ‘gaps’.  She LOVES rollercoasters and I love photographing her on them!

Does WUNDERLUST fill your soul? Do you dream of being IN the world and think you can’t because of money?  So did I.  Boy has THAT CHANGED!  I chose to DIVE IN.  Lives are changing by people who are wiling to DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T TO HAVE WHAT OTHERS DON’T! Millennials are graduating college with 5-6 figure incomes.  Booomers are booking trips with their own booking engine specialist and Concierge, planning custom romps wherever their hearts desire leads them.  The mission of the VIP invitation only travel club is UNITING HUMANITY IN JOY.  Four words.  It’s exponential growth is making it so.

Ben (one of those millenials I spoke about) put it perfectly.  He’s 32,  left a six figure bank management position to do this travel deal full time:

“There’s still time. Life is elegant like that.  You can spend it however you want.
For my time, I’m choosing to go all out.
Why not try to do all the very best you can? Rock tradition to it’s very core… Respect the lessons of history, but build your own path.
There is no honor in comfort.
I’d rather a life of significance over a life of comfort.
Come play with me….we’ll change this little world…. Hell…me and my friends are already doing it.”
That’s it.  Beginning TALES of  WORLDSACS VOYAGER .  COME TRAVEL WITH ME...Finding your own FUN, FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT, or MAKING A LIVING LIVING.   Stay tuned for updated posts.  I may even tell you how my first trip was a cruise last year, three months after signing ‘on board’, and how I GOT PAID to ‘CROCIERA IL MONDO’ — CRUISE THE WORLD!




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