A Single Feather…

A feather is a single part of a whole wing. A single feather can’t fly by itself without being anchored into the hollow bone wing structure.  It can try to fly and continually meets struggle and failure doing it alone. Feathers together are the divine system supporting one another to soar into the heavens. That ‘bone’ is the core strength of TEAM.  TEAM TO FLY.  TEAM PROSPER-US!  When there are millions of wings fluttering aloft, a new kind of freedom creates a network Uniting Humanity in Joy, Peace, Love ad Prosperity.

In 1996 I participated in LifeSpring Training in New York City: Basic, Advanced, Leadership Training. LP 163, Manhattan, was the toughest, breakdown to breakthrough experience ever. Fifteen years later I continued to cry relating that mountaintop experience. Now its 20 years after the fact; I still do.   At this point I am in what was then my ‘yet to be’. In 2015 I participated in an event January 23-25, 2015, in Louisville, KY, that created a new, purposeful YET TO BE for me. Then I was 49. Now I am just about 68. Yikes! Did I say that?!

A 23 year old LP brother, Chuck C., wrote our LP 163 mission statement that the team honed. I lettered it in calligraphy, depicting a water spout riding crests of waves using the member’s names, shaped like ripples in the ocean whose ‘ripple effect’ introduced me to a new home and family.

The T-Shirt (depicted here – slept in for 20 years and is STILL readable!) is turquoise with white calligraphy silk-screened on the front. At graduation 30 LP 163 team members wore those shirts, white baseball hats with turquoise words ‘IN THE GAP’ (according to Depak Chopra’s ‘GAP’), and white WINGS die cut (by me) sticking up out of the cap’s back strap. Two decades later it was all a precursor. I still have that shirt. Here is what it says:

We are the Rage of the Storm, the Cry of the Young,

the Brilliance of the Sun, the Passion of the Moon,SHIRT

the Power of the Oceans. Together as One,


We, LP 163, declare a Peaceful World

Where All People are Safe, Free, living in Abundance

with Unconditional Love and Unity.

January 23-25, 2015 was a ‘family gathering’ in Louisville, KY. The last talk that weekend ended with the words “We are UNSTOPPABLE”. 12,500 member/business reps jumped up and cheered! 12,500 humans being united in purpose, in a new paradigm business model created to DISRUPT the STATUS QUO, a new methodology of giving back and serving, changing the way humanity MADE A LIVING…LIVING, in 30+ countries and counting… and on stage presenters were the founder, the president, the CEO, all the officers, and members in their 20’s and 30’s that retired from being slaves in ‘corporate America’, along with doctors, layers and other prime professionals who gave up their practices and were making more money with this venture.

There is no other company EVER who, for every dollar invested in fees and monthly membership, for every purchase in their Mall, for every buck spent in their booking engine, $.65 of the dollar is returned to the members to spend on future journeys. NO WHERE = NOW HERE… ANY WHERE is this being done. Richard Branson sat down with the founder, took out his checkbook, and said, “I’m writing a number in here. How many zeroes do you want me to put?” “NOT FOR SALE”, was the reply.That’s WHY… I AM ALL IN!!

The Story:

When I moved to Asheville 2.5 years ago [now it’s 3.5] I became aware of a ‘women living in community’ Meetup page. My intention at the time was survival/prepper mode. That still remains, however it has a larger VISION now. I dreamed about building a small sustainable homestead for 20-25 people to thrive and survive in the event of a collapse. We would have a main shared log house and several smaller houses for small families or those that wanted to be in a community but have the sole privacy setting of their own place. There would be apartment condos, and a section for corporate people to rent out when doing business in Asheville or near by. We would have 150 acres to have a small school, an arts building for Fine Arts, Music, Dance… Mechanic Studios, Horse Barn, acres of gardens… members would have skill-sets to run the homestead if the world and their jobs shut down. This would be paid for with CASH from an account I was waiting to access.  [note:  That access never happened.  Something else did]

The Facts:

A little over two weeks ago I received an email in my InBox from a woman who lives in Candler, about 30 minutes from me. She had picked up one of my photography brochures, the one with the woman and the skull (I call him Oscar) on the front. I think three brochures existed somewhere in Asheville.  After going to my jacquelinesacs.com site, looking around, reading my blog posts, she sent that email saying she would like to meet me. Being a singer-songwriter, multi-talented artist, herbalist with a published book on the subject, she felt a strong connection. Being guided by the same Spirit nudging me, I was drawn to her. Something bigger was calling me.

My reply was ‘yes’ to meeting. It felt like a match.com deal. Weird. Definitely unusual and first time ever! But THIS was ASHEVILLE, after all. And if ANYTHING was possible it was possible in Asheville!

We met for lunch at Greenlife, near downtown. It appeared we had so much in common.  It was uncanny. If she had only been a male and not married… LOL!  That’s what I thought at the time.

In the conversation she casually mentioned that she was involved in a new business venture, would I like to hear more? I said sure. I had nothing to lose and was usually open to new ideas. ( I gotta mention here that I was bored out of my mind living by myself, finding it very difficult to attract new friends with everyone caught up in their rapid-fire lives and ‘no-time’-agendas). After hearing her ‘story’ and the motivation behind joining this organization, I was ‘intrigued’.  She had plenty of experience and know-how in that arena having managed a Radio Shack with her husband previously.

This woman, it seemed at the time, was low key, soft spoken and quite the expert imparting information. There was no push, shove, no desperation. There was no product to buy, no check to write out. The video revealed a 10 year old, almost billion dollar company that returned $.65 on every dollar invested by their members. It was a 21st century network marketing system driven home business owners who ‘invited a viewing’ and the video sold itself. That sure appealed to me, who hated selling. Marketing was not my ‘cup of tea’.

One of the teachers at the Louisville weekend session said, “you can’t say anything right to the wrong person or anything wrong to the right person.” He was right. I guess I was the right person because I spent just about my last dime to sign up for a business office and reserve my place on the team down line. I bought my convention ticket and packed my bags a week and a half after signing up. Last year 25,000 people a month joined. This year it was 85,000 globally. Sometime in the near future a new mobile app is kicking in that will quadruple the 350,000 membership, and I will do the work it takes to introduce others to:

  • A new paradigm of wealth in the world
  • More than 30 countries are represented
  • Freedom from the grind and daily slavery of the 9-5
  • Early retirement within 2-5 years
  • MAKING A LIVING… LIVING and having fun!
  • If SHAQ, the basketball star/actor signed up as a member, he is hedging on his retirement, with 12,000,000 twitter followers, he CAN’T LOSE!

This was a new Quality Management system if ever I experienced one, where the corporate heads are at the bottom of the corporate triangle, feeding and supporting the worker bees, so everyone prospers. Perfect Prosperity includes PERFECT HEALTH, PERFECT WEALTH, AND PERFECT HAPPINESS! Let me tell you: 12,500 people in that auditorium were HAPPY. 12,500 people were home business office owners. 12,500 people were a small percent of total membership operating the business end, while the remainder just used the other arm of what was offered. Last year 4000 people attended this event. DO THE MATH! There were no pipe dreams expounded in this training… Only methods how to accomplish what we all dream of creating for ourselves and our families and friends… METHODS of accomplishment.

Fun was never part of my life. Struggle. Scarcity. Sacrifice… GOING PLACES (in general) was not even a glint in my eye because I could never afford it. My life is about to change because I have changed the way I see it. GET READY MY SOUL. I’M DIVING IN! To the deepest kind of love, to the sweetest kind of life…

One young man is an expression in the Mind of God. His vision expressed Mind’s divine idea. Already a multi millionaire, he shared his vision with trusted friends he knew, respected and shared his energy and wealth. They didn’t need the money. The did need to change the world for the better. What better way than to make it available for EVERYONE TO EXPERIENCE OTHER CULTURES and grow a deeper understanding of the ONE WE ALL ARE! They held his idea in a sacred space and created a spectacular Net, a Web that has multiplied into almost half a million souls in 30+ countries and counting. This time next year, millions will be reaping PROSPERITY from his one idea. WE ARE NOT FOR SALE!

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves,the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love,

and then,

for a second time in the history of the world,

man will have discovered fire.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



“No one built a skyscraper by themselves, or a bridge.  It is always created in community”, said Dr. John Waterhouse.  

When one single feather becomes millions of feathers spreading their wings, using a system/vehicle to do so, humanity is set FREE. When millions FLY the winds of change for good are inevitable.  They CREATE A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE, EVERY WHERE. 




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