This school! 

Eight years… I could have written a book about this school, the only Broward County School Board high school to achieve and F rating in standardized testing… the only high school where 80% of 2600 kids read on level 1 and 2.  The only school that, after I left, parents got the choice of where to send their kids to high school and 1,600 students left that school!

So here’s the good part of the story…    The best part were the kids:  Street gangers, illegals, transients…  yet I proved to them how irreplaceable and uniquely special they were as a Divine creation.  They experienced things deep hidden aspects about themselves they didn’t know were inside them.

They watched me do the same art projects I assigned to them.  We all solved the same visual problems together.  In the end… when the work was up on ‘the wall’, the playing field was leveled.  No one could discern who was Advanced Placement, who were Honors, who were Standard and who were Special Ed.  Everyone shined.  Esteem catapulted like a Space X rocket!


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