Ahhh!  Turning lemons into lemonade…  who would think a tart, bitter taste, that makes your face scrunch up and mouth pucker could be reconfigured into a thirst-quenching, cold, steam-heat-busting remedy?

One is the seemingly ‘impossible’ problem.

The other is the ‘I’m-possible’ solution.

Just a ‘spoonful of sugar’ is all it takes.  Contrast is our middle name.


Think about it:  What would hot be without cold.

Short without tall.

Fat without skinny.

Sunny without cloudy… and on and on.

We are born with an innate intelligence about those things.  As a matter of fact, there is a myth that says we know all things before we come into our material body, and the shock of our birth makes us forget everything.  Amnesia.  The act of growing up human is the act of re-membering, re-joining all we knew before (Conversations With God, book I).

Did you ever blow bubbles?  Did you ever see those giant, loopy, floaty bubbles made from swirling a large hoop around with full body propulsion?  They are at least three feet, jiggling, quivering gracefully, kissing the space around you… rising up in the air current; a marvel to behold.  Yet, they last only a few seconds.  You dip the hoop into the soapy substance and create an entirely new bubble, nothing like the first, totally unique, yet, made of the same stuff.  Just like we are:  Totally unique, yet made of the same stuff.  Depak Chopra puts it this way:  “The same Being, in different disguises”.

Nothing lasts forever.  Our housing real estate bubble did exactly the same thing.  We enjoyed the ride, floating freely in a false sense of greed disguised as opportunity.  Why, the word ‘OPPORtunity’alone resembles the fat, loopy, amorphic, bubble shapes we just talked about – can’t ya just seem ‘em floating all around in the air, and all the ‘investors’ gobbling up a cheap deal at the high cost of families that lost everything as the scam of sub-prime mortgages became the standard ‘legal’ instead of illegal?  That was 2008.  In 2023 the same thing is happening.  Whose been feeding THAT wolf?

Being open to shifting into a new place can be scary.  Not ‘can’, it IS scary.  Learning from experience, when ‘scared’ shows up, this new energy is precisely placed.  No accidents here!  Scared is a good thing, if you stick with it long enough to experience what the other side has to offer.  Scared is the sign of rightness, the something isn’t right, and there is a better choice to make as we forge forward into the unknown.  Golly.  How boring life would be if everything went as planned.  Planet Earth isn’t designed that way.  It is a harsh classroom.  The harshest lessons offer the biggest, most challenging circumstances.  When we keep our eye on the prize, a NEW prize that otherwise never would have shown up without the CONFLICT, lemons miraculously transform into lemonade!   But it was YOU, all along, making a more wholesome choice that created it!

In a million years this newness, this grand possibility would have remained in the ethers, floating unseen as invisible loopy giant bubbles, if things didn’t crash, fall apart, cause crisis and trauma.  Then along comes Lancelot to save us, tapped into telling the Truth about the Lies.  Our Mortgage Savior.  A new industry was born:  Residential Rescue Remedy!

Look.  We can either go down with the ship or nourish different, risky, uncomfortable, unproven ideas of good, and be in the action of creating something new, revealing new answers from the questions born in the flames of the wreckage; a new idea for good in this world.  Look at how the 9/11 tragedy brought people together all over the world.  Wars called cease-fires, strangers reached out to one another, new possibilities emerged out of emergency.  “Sometimes, you have to do what you don’t want to do in order to ensure that you won’t have to keep on doing it!… In other words, often the only way to know yourself as That Which You Are is to experience yourself as That Which You Are Not.”  Lemons into Lemonade. One wolf is dark and evil the other wolf it Light and Good.

We have two wolves.  One for darkness and one for light.  One for anger and fear, and one for love and victory.  Which one are YOU feeding?  Sometimes, we have to become who we are not in order to preserve who we really are.  Sometimes, a war of sorts has to show up first, for us to participate in developing a portal for the real me to shine.  “…The wisdom to know the difference of what I can and can’t control.”  Sometimes, suffering and strife cause an awakening compassion, a healing consciousness, that shifts us from fear into love, that always transcends darkness.  It’s a spiritual law.  “Turn your eyes to the light, and the shadows will fall behind” – Helen Keller.  This is when vulnerability and the tender heart come together in a common connection.  Which wolf did you feed today?





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