By Jacqueline Sacs


Are you a Builder?  Not a ‘contractor’.  But a Soul Builder, building and constructing from the inside out?

Are you fulfilling a destiny most of us are oblivious remembering; reconnecting with… what is our ‘soul memory’, our ‘soul purpose’ for being born?

Large and In Charge is not just about your destiny, but about everyone you touch during your life journey.  Starting NOW.

This is the dawning of a new relationship to our Self and the cosmos, when every action and interaction affects not only the future, but includes the past, future, under and over in 360 0 directions simultaneously.

Who you are now in this moment affects EVERYTHING!  When you recognize, acknowledge and find yourself experiencing this, you will find that your Respons-ability in this world is HUGE!  Every moment, every thought, has an affect and effect.  THAT IS HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE AND WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

 Michael Jordan knew that.  Look what he created.  We all agreed to come here at this time, travel this hard road.  Now we get to co-create with our Prime Creator, Source Energy, to make this planet and our ONE RACE CONSCIOUSNESS a heaven on earth; creating 1000 years of Peace, Ease and Grace illuminated with Light, exponentially, UNSTOPPABLE!

Quantum Financial and Quantum Healing are systems that existed thousands of years ago in our galaxy whose technologies were imparted to humans but hidden from us for Millenia. We chose and agreed to come here in this time and space, advancing and Building a new Golden Age, 1000 years of peace contracted by and sponsored by Humanity at Large, borderless and unlimited!  No more sickness, no more debt, no more war, no more poverty.  How many of those have affected you, your family and friends?  Just look at the last two C19 years for that reply.

How are we going to Co-Create this new world with each other and with our God Source Energy Prime Creator?  Its names vary depending on location.  Who are you and how did you get here?  THAT is the purpose of this writing.  Now for a little His-Her-story…

Sure. We all know a sperm and egg merge.  It’s the same 360 degrees on earth.  The rule book is the same, just like the football rule book.  All the teams follow it.  The playbook of each team vary, but the referees, the players, the coaches all know the rules.  So.  The egg and sperm unite.  What happens next?  The zygote explodes into millions of cells, expanding to the point of birthing YOU… unformed substance (soul) becomes formed substance (body): A Spirit having a body experience!

Did you know that before you emerged as a screaming infant, there was a wait-list of unformed substance, Souls, eager to claim a human entity to experience living in a body?  YES.  WE ARE SPIRIT HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.  Not the other way around!

That’s right.  A soul-waiting-line to have a body, like on Black Friday after Thanksgiving.  Hundreds of people crowding, shoving, waiting for Toys R Us to open its doors for the mob to flood in… pushing their way to the most popular toy their child must have…  knowing there is a limited supply.  Only a handful of consumers are the lucky ones.  They won the prize. Well… THAT’S YOU! 

It’s the same thing with the soul-waiting-line, hoping they are selected to incarnate into a body and have an earthly experience.  WE WON!  WE WERE CHOSEN.  YOU WERE CHOSEN TO BE HERE NOW, TO ADVANCE OUR SOULS TO A HIGHER FREQUENCY, A HIGHER VIBRATION!  LOVE WON… THE SOUL ESSENCE OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE GOT A BODY TO LIVE AND WORK IN, deal with the good, the bad and the ugly… the overcoming, … YOUR PRIME DIRECTIVE for being here is to figure out WHY – your soul’s purpose for choosing why/where/when/how/and what you came here to be.  The majority of people die never knowing that. How sad. Schools don’t teach the vital information we need to grow a more perfect union with ourSelf and other Selves.

This is your opportunity to begin the search for those answers.  Behaving like a like child when you are 16, 17, 18 years old does not serve you any longer.  It simply blocks your potential, your purpose from showing up. When you decide, choose, to behave accordingly, signs begin to appear all over the place, but only if you are awake to receive them.   Co-creating with your Creator is the real deal, but only if you claim it first, create the intention to do so.  Remember.  YOU WERE CHOSEN TO BE HERE.  IT IS INTENTIONAL, NOT AN ACCIDENT.



Do you feel like diving a little deeper?  Here goes…

It’s what all the Avatars throughout history told us about… well, the ones we know about, but there are many more hidden from our knowledge in ways way beyond what we were taught. Some of them may even live in our own community.  Over thousands of years, humans were dumbed and numbed by dark Powers that are menacing, with agendas of their own.  Their time is now finished.  It took us a long time to wake up.  They were smart, rich, tenacious, and driven.  But guess what?  We are smarter, brighter with Light, wiser, more driven toward being Truth tellers.

Their jig is up, done, kaput.  We are the co-creators, utilizing effervescent Light Forces for Good!  ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?  ONE OF US?!  How can you be if you behave like a silly little child every day to impress your friends?  It’s time to grow up, own up, and begin to experientially know how wonderful you are.  It’s time to say hello to your Soul-Life, your Purpose for breathing the LIfe-Force that sustains your existence every nano-second…. To acknowledge this great journey you chose to be on.  That’s right!  YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE.  Remember the soul-waiting-line?  Right.  It’s time to “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.”  Gandhi was one.  King was one.  Kennedy (both John and Robert) were each one:  Jesus was one – way ahead of his time; who may have been a visiting cosmic ambassador whose civilization lived what he taught (put that in your water bottle and drink THAT!).  His purpose, mission, and message multiplied, just like the egg-sperm thing mentioned earlier, generational as populations expanded on earth…  Into billions of minds who knew about him, even if they didn’t believe what they knew.

FROM OPPRESSION TO JUBILEE!  Maybe we haven’t gotten to experience that yet, but we are all on the threshold, the Launch, the Brink.  Put THAT in your marketing pipe and smoke it!  No more war.  No more debt.  No more poverty.  No more sickness. No more room for racism, prejudice, separation.  Only Unity of Purpose and that purpose is Love and Kindness.  How does that sound to you?  Why not experiment with KINDNESS?  PAYING IT FORWARD?  See what returns to you for the effort.  EVOLVE INTO A STATE OF BLOOMING, AGELESS LOVE, PEACE AND PROSPERITY.  It all leads to wellness of heart and mind toward one another.  It levels the playing field globally.  You DO KNOW there is a world outside of where you live, right?

JUST DO IT!  Nike knew how to market do it. AIR JORDAN knew how to market it.  What we focus on expands, attracts to us, the same vibration.  WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.  And no one creates that in your life but you.  How you respond instead of RE-act, the same way you always did before, makes all the difference.  If you want the good stuff in life, and who doesn’t, start tuning in, tapping into the higher vibes.   If not you, who?  If not now, when?

All we have is NOW.  It’s your choice whether to wait until you are 85 years old, or begin where you are now.  All you have to do is make an intention, decide to be open to receive and signs will begin to show up, once you show up.  It’s all in you already.  Yep. That’s the Truth… just laying around waiting for you to show up, get off ‘the bench’ and join the game of Life.  From the inside out.  Your own Harry Potter magic wand is waiting to strike the grey matter between your ears called a Brain. It’s also been said that the Heart has a Brain of its own.  Combine the two and see what happens.

Which team do you choose?  Being the Omnipotent Soul in a body, expressing ItSelf in you, as you, Is You?  You are irreplaceable, one of a kind – Like the rays of the sun are the same as the sun, expressing ItSelf/Themselves with every flare-up, every wave of Light, uniquely individual, yet the same as the Source it comes from.

Love and Abundance await you.  One candle extinguishes the dark.  Darkness cannot extinguish Light.  The choice is yours.  BE THE QUARTERBACK. CALL THE PLAYS THAT SERVE YOU AND HUMANITY AT LARGE.  One baby step at a time, just like you learned to walk.  Remember the act of walking is stopping yourself from falling, though fall we shall, time and again. Picking yourself back up is the victory of getting another chance.  Football players don’t stay down when they are tackled.  Their eyes are on the prize:  The Goal, the Touchdown.  They follow the rule book, memorize the plays and proceed to win, one leap at a time across the field.   IT’S YOUR FIELD TO CREATE.  RUN THE PLAYS.  MAKE THE TOUCHDOWN.  BE THE HERO.












© Jacqueline Sacs 2022 All Rights Reserved