STOP STEP SHIFT.  Transformation isn’t about giant semi-tractor-trailer trucks changing into robot warriors.  It’s about the battlefield of the mind and making choices that better serve us.  Choice.  We are always at choice.   Every person on earth that is still breathing falls into this category:  Having a mind.  Everyday, every way, we are all on the front lines.  The battlefield is between our ears.

STOP.  “What I focus on expands”.       The universe operates a standard of Law called The Law of Attraction.  The movie The Secret is about how it works.  All principles in all the major religions agree in principle, hence we can figure out what Truth is and what isn’t.  It stands the test of time.  Getting a grip on the handlebars of life is an inside job.  The answers are all floating around in an unseen, nonphysical realm.  Look around you.  Everything you see began with one thought:  Unformed Substance — Unseen, unfelt, basically beyond the five senses that deal with our physical reality.  They are ripe for the picking, but first there is an imperative you must know about.  The KEY.

Challenges are what makes us grow.  The present is an opportunity to STOP, STEP, SHIFT.  What is insanity?  “Doing/thinking the same thing over and over, expecting different results”.  Awareness is an art only you can cultivate.  You own it.  It is about energy, emanating from your core essence, the identity that makes you you, that no one else can replace.  It literally is the garden of your mind.  It’s your choice – up to you alone.  Does it take running into a cement wall to stop you, make you figure out that things aren’t working out? Looking back, there have been many brick walls with my name on them!  Basically, we all know way ahead of that, way before we can even see that eight foot high barricade. The common name is Intuition, the Source, the Glue where all the answers live in their holding area, waiting to be claimed.  But first, there is a KEY to claiming them.

Like the little Dutch boy that found a hole in the dam, told the towns people (who ignored him), and stuck his finger in the hole.  He saved them all.  All;  the good, the bad, the ugly, especially his nay-sayers!  He said YES to them ALL!  The universe works the same way.  The Law Of Attraction is an equal opportunity employer.  What’s the point?  The little Dutch boy was AWARE!  He saw a small hole and didn’t wait until it got bigger and bigger and bigger… unmanageable.  No… that isn’t the key, yet still, a very important idea.  Think about your last difficulty.  Didn’t you feel it in your gut, but ignored it, hoping it would go away?  And it just got infected?  Same thing.  If you act, pay attention, right from the start, the outcome changes.

ASK and it shall be opened unto you!  ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS… is the KEY!

Tony Robbins has written that successful people know the right questions to ask, not necessarily the right answers.  Chances are, your challenge affects you, but isn’t really your own patented ordeal.  Most humans, whether a Tribal person or a Trump CEO, face the same daily mess-ups.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are Personal security, Financial security, Health and Well-being, Safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts.  He coined the term “Metamotivation” to describe the motivation of people who go beyond the scope of the basic needs and strive for constant betterment — the ones who ask the questions that lead to other questions, providing an air of curiosity leading to expanded possibilities.  Metamotivated people are driven by B-needs (Being Needs), instead of deficiency needs (D-Needs) [Wikipedia]”.

How do you show up in your life? Do you see and acknowledge accomplishments (even of those you don’t like) or only see the negative aspects of who they are, according to your personal biases? When you sense an ‘ill’, or find yourself in a situation beyond your control, you STOP.  Next, you STEP aside, outside that realm of difficulty, to look objectively at what is taking place.  When you do that, objectivity sets in and you no longer are embroiled in the conflict, no longer the victim, no longer in the emotion of the situation.  In that space you are empowered to SHIFT, claim a better idea by seeing it differently.  A new perspective is essential.  You shift from a needy low vibration to higher, optimal vibrational way of thinking about it.  You breathe freer.  Think clearer.  And, perhaps, find yourself SMILING.  SMILING is the outcome of STOP STEP SHIFT.

Remember the key:  The most successful people, Tribe or Trump, ask the right questions.  QUESTIONS are the KEY that open the windows and doors of opportunity.

Be Metamotivated, especially when you don’t feel like it.  Feelings come and go and are often based on false informationDecisions based on what you know is shall shift you from victim to victor.  Only then will you become a giant semi-tractor-trailer truck changed into a robot warrior!  STOP STEP SHIFT.




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