by, Jacqueline Sacs

2011, Revised 2017

See yourSelf  in Fun, Freedom, Fulfillment. At the same time, see yourSelf creating a world that works for everyone, everywhere, Uniting humanity in Joy.  Start with YOU.

Learning how to shift out of one idea into a better one is the path!  Here is HOW DO IT!


Transformation can be about giant tractor-trailer changing into robot warriors. But life generally isn’t like that.  It’s about the tug-of-war in our mind and recognizing choices that better serve us. Choice. We are always at choice.  Every breathing person falls into this category: Having a mind that says YES and a mind that says NO. The Universe always says YES;  it honors our choices even when we are not aware we made them.


“What I focus on expands”. The universe operates a standard of Law called The Law of Attraction, Law of Mind. It doesn’t care if it’s good or bad, positive or negative. It is inexorably linked to our conscious  ‘gatekeeper’ role regarding what we allow into the deeper thought. The conscious mind tells the subconscious mind what to do, make, create… whether you are aware of doing so or not. The ‘not’ is called default, which leads to ‘why is this happening to me AGAIN!?’ syndrome. Learning how to operate both aspects of Mind may be beneficial and stay off reality from slamming you in the face.  Reality, by the way, is what you create.  Take responsibility for what you get cause YOU created it, from the inside out. This was one of the toughest principles I had to own; and still is!

All major religions agree in principle, so we can figure out what is Truth by its consistent, good results. It stands the test of time. Getting a grip on the handlebars of life is an inside job that takes work, time and a dedicated disciplined study. There is, what Wallace D. Wattles calls ‘A Certain Way’ of doing things to get the scientific results of what you want to attract/create/have. The answers are all floating around in an unseen, nonphysical ‘soup’. Look around you. Everything you see began with one thought: Unseen, unfelt, basically beyond the five senses of physical reality. They are ripe for the picking, but first there is an imperative KEY you must know about.

No diamond ever became a diamond without some pressure. Every crappy moment is a ‘present’.  And there is only one letter difference between SHIT and SHIFT!   Awareness is an art only you can cultivate.  It is about energy, emanating from your core essence, the identity that makes you you that no one else can replace. It literally is the garden of your mind, so get a green thumb and a mighty big rake!

Does it take running into a cement wall to stop you, make you figure out that things aren’t working out? Because if you don’t voluntarily do that, the Uni-Verse has a vast sense of humor and will manifest that wall when you least expect it… or a circumstance that seems insurmountable… in your face, on your back ‘’DID YA GET IT THIS TIME HONEY?!” Basically, we all know way ahead of that, way before we can ‘Trump’ that eight-foot barricade. The common name is Intuition, the Source, The Glue where all the answers are stacked in their holding pattern, waiting to be claimed, screaming “pick me. Pick me!”. But first, there is a KEY to knowing a solution exists already and it is between your ears.

The Law Of Attraction is an equal opportunity employer. Like the little Dutch boy placing his finger in the leaking damn, he saw a small hole and didn’t wait until it got bigger and bigger and bigger.  Think about your last difficulty. Didn’t you feel it in your gut, but ignored it, hoping it would go away? And it just got infected? Same thing. If you act, pay attention, right from the start, the outcome changes.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t have all the right answers. The answers are the outcome, the solution, the second half of the equation. ‘ ASK and it shall be opened unto you!’ ASK = the KEY! It’s THE QUESTIONS that cause us to win.  Appreciative Inquiry says that ‘the questions we ask determine the answers we find, the answers we find determine the language we use, and the language we use determines the experiences we have’ (David Alexander). Tony Robbins went from living in his car to serving humanity, becoming mega rich in all realms, because he asked himself the right questions, acted on his inner guidance system and to this day, questions are his benchmark strategy for success.  STOP   STEP   SHIFT

1. STOP: to RECOGNIZE your tie-in to the Divine Infinite. 

2. REMEMBER you are connected to IT.

3. STEP: REALIZE you get to choose how your life works, with focus and intention.

4. SHIFT: GRATITUDE for knowing 1,2 and 3.

5. LET IT GO!  

Your challenges affect you, but aren’t your own patented ordeal. Most humans face the same daily mess-ups. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are Personal security, Financial security, Health and well-being, Safety.  WHAT DO YOU FOCUS ON? THE HAVES YOU HAVE OR THE HAVE NOTS YOU CRAVE?  WHERE do you keep YOUR metal WALLET? 

When you sense yourself in a situation beyond your control, you STOP (1). The KEY there is to KNOW IT when it shows up. Next, you STEP (3) aside, outside that realm of difficulty, to look objectively at what is taking place. If you can’t manage that sitting down then literally, STAND UP and STEP ASIDE… it changes your physical perspective to one of being objective, outside the problem.  Objectivity sets in and you no longer are embroiled in the conflict, no longer the victim. The ‘circumstance’ is no longer PERSONAL. It is no longer the focus.  Here is where you become empowered to SHIFT (4), claim a better idea – even though you may not hear it, you know it’s there!  You shift from needy to knowing. From No to YES. You breathe freer. Think clearer. Like Dr. Reverend Barbara Waterhouse teaches, it takes four deep breaths to take you out of ‘stupid mode’; where your blood goes to limbs for fight or flight, back to your brain, for CLEAR THINKING, ACTING DOING.  You may find yourself SMILING, the outcome of STOP STEP SHIFT. Boy does THAT FEEL BETTER! Suddenly you are Rocky Balboa.

Remember the KEY:  Healing happens when we do not succumb to conflict, but use it as the crest of a wave, assisting us to surf the solution.  STOP, STEP SHIFTespecially when you don’t feel like it. Feelings come and go.  Decisions based on what you know is right shift you from victim to victor. “There are no victims, only volunteers”. STOP STEP SHIFT: BEE THE ‘NEW THOUGHT’ TRANSFORMER !

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