“The great leonopteryx (Na’vi name: toruk meaning

“last shadow”) is a species of airborne predatory animals native to Pandora… based

 on the story told by James Cameron in Avatar… Toruk is the supreme warrior). 

We could all sure use Toruk right about now!  Here’s why.

After watching videos on storage facilities housing 125,000 molded plastic

FEMA coffins that hold up to four human bodies, more if children…

After listening to over 45 minutes of Alex Jones on InfoWars talking about the orchestrated stock market crash…

After viewing multiple 9/11-inside-job-demolition-cgi-holograph-non-passenger-planes…

After watching Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talk about the tainted Gardisil vaccinations of 15 year old girls without parental permission…

All in ONE MORNING, I was left with the feeling of 10 G-Forces dragging me down the road to hell.  A fork-lift was needed to hike my energy back up from dragging me six feet under.  All these ‘conspiracy theories’ proved that the school I just retired from was a microcosm of what was not so secretly happening globally.  It’s ALL CONNECTED, as we are.

Being diligent, emails were sent to friends I thought worthy of reading about this info. Figuring that even if they thought I was insane,  paranoid or bonkers about bunkers in Denver, Leukemia in Gardisil, conspiracies of 9/11, Katrina directed by HAARP to New Orleans (whoops I forgot that one) they would surely latch on to our poisoned GMO food supply.  Out of 30 emails, two responded:  One siting Agenda 21; the other ignoring it totally.

Another information pipeline was Facebook.  With 857 ‘friends’ I posted YouTube videos consistently over a three-month period.  Not one comment was posted.  I became appalled by the abstinence.   Soon after, I quit Facebook.

What is WRONG with these global 857?  With all the foreclosures and bankruptcies?  Not a single comment.  Someone rationalized with, ”maybe they couldn’t take it in yet”.  “Maybe they saw it but were too afraid to comment publicly”.  Well, what was I doing?  When are they going to GET it?  Are they just going to lay down and die, volunteering to be buried in one of the cheap, black plastic molded FEMA coffins mentioned above?  I never even mentioned Agenda 21 to them, the cabal plan to eliminate 94% of humanity (‘useless eaters’ they call us)… to save natural resources for themselves.  It’s TIME TO TURN ON THE LIGHTS!  WAKE UP AMERICA!”

Why me, God?  Why couldn’t you just let me be another numb sleepwalker?  No Chance! Called to know, Now I Know.  If the Universal Law of Attraction is correct, and what I focus on expands, if focusing on dooms-day is all I look at, then I am part of the problem, not part of the solution.

One Sunday morning, quite upset, I asked my minister how to find a solution.  She said, “OK.  What can we do about that?” Was that her way of shrugging her shoulders and dismissing all this or did she really mean WHAT?  My reply? “I don’t know, other than spread the word, make people aware.”  When a fellow soprano heard me, also aware of the doomsday scenario, she put her arms around me.  I wept crocodile tears.

The Truth is… there is only ONE Source that enlightens, empowers, and inspires:  It’s all an INSIDE JOB.  Even if an idea floats to us from the outside, we need grow it.  A better, higher  idea, a solution, comes from above, just like TORUK

The enemy is always subservient, flying beneath the ‘King Lion’.

Holding on to the higher idea that Truth is Light and Lies are distorted Truth, while watching the movie Avatar,  a spark plug ignited my mind LEONOPTERYXTORUK MAKTO Jake Sulley’s giant Orange King of the banshees that ate lesser banshees for breakfast.   It’s preferred method of attack is from above.  This was crucial to the Na’vi Culture’s sense of destiny and interconnectedness.  IT RULES.  Our greatest weapon is our brain, which, as even sleepwalkers are aware, is located in the uppermost regions of human anatomy – in contrast to where the ‘seat’ of thinking resides in 99% of the population.  But don’t think of this as ‘war’. Think of this as ‘the greatest battleground is between the ears’.  It wasn’t bombs that brought down the Berlin Wall and united families.   The democratic non-violent siege in Kefaya, Egypt from 2008-2011 was a Facebook revolution of ‘word bombs’, ideas that took root — DEEP ROOTS!

Our greatest resource to defeat those that would eliminate innocent ‘useless eaters’ for their own gain, COMES FROM ABOVE! TORUK MAKTO is crucial to OUR survival, OUR restoration of Natural Law on planet earth, OUR freedom, OUR liberty and OUR inalienable rights as Humans Being!   Imagine the critical mass of 99% of an awakened world population, from Tribes to Trumps, tapping into ONE LIGHT SOURCE , ONE LOVE SOURCE together, being in the same chapter, on the same page – like they were in Keyfaya!  Thoughts of EQUALITY  and FREEDOM seeding the earth.  Now THAT’S a R-evoLution!

Translated, TORUK MAKTO means rider of the last shadow last shadow because it is the biggest damn orange king lion in the sky (otherwise known as the ultimate Truth that bows down to no man) and it’s the last shadow the oppressors see.  It renders the enemy powerless, like a computer system crashLIGHT ‘OVER’ POWERS DARKNESS.  The ‘flying king lion’.  The ‘flying King Thought’.  Warriors mount their personal banshees, make the Tsanhelu the bond between themselves and their mountain banshee.  Beast and Na-vi united, Thought merges as One with the Tribe.  Just like hundreds of thousands did in Egypt.

How does a shift for good happen?  ENERGETICS.  All it takes is just one person, the 100th monkey principle:  Just one snowflake landing on the snow-covered mountain causes the avalanche… a shift occurs.  The 51%.  Just takes one.  Are YOU that one?  Summon your TORUK.

Knowledge is NOT power.  Neither is wisdom.  ACTIONABLE KNOWLEDGE — ACTIONABLE WISDOM – ARE POWER.  But first you gotta listen, gotta wake up make the Tsanhelu bond with others who have arrived.  Then?  FEEL THE POWER OF GREAT THINGS COMING OUR WAY.

PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP ALL OVER OUR PLANET.  Where is the substance of your Faith?  Where is your action?  Where is your VOICE?  Red pill wake up.  Blue pill stay asleep.

Stand up, Show up, Stretch your Stride.  MAKE THE Tsanhelu — The BOND!  

Nothing can defeat us while standing together.  We are the New Tribe of Mind conquerers, creating a world that works for all people.  If not now when.  If not me Who?  

BE the Last Shadow the oppressors will ever see.  


IT was made for you:  The Ultimate Last Shadow!


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