When attitudes and beliefs are in harmony and One with Spirit, God, whomever your higher power is… In-Spirit-Action is the result.  That’s I N S P I R A T I O N to you and me.

The strange thing about Satori is that it is just experienced by you. You cannot hope to describe, define it or even relate to it again. But you know within you that it has happened to you. You have had an instantaneous experience of God… Satori in that the one experiencing it cannot fully describe what they just experienced, like a FLASH!  BAM!  Those that claim to have had an experience, and describe it in detail, have not really said what it ‘was’.  When you go into the moment – into the silence of silence – to the point of no thought – do you recall what takes place? No.  All you do is know you were there in that moment and you experience something. You can’t call it ‘nothing’ or empty space, because you are describing it.

Satori is not experienced in the ‘thinking mind’ – it is experience in the One Mind – the still, quiet mind – the mind of no past nor future – the mind of Now.  What you DO know about this ‘instant state of being’ is, there were no clouds of thoughts floating in and out of your consciousness.  It was blank, still.  And WHAMMO!  The sudden lightening strike of realization occurs.  There, that is ENLIGHTENMENT!  After Satori, you are never in the same place or moving in the same direction again.

From Japanese Buddhism, the word Satori means “realize.” Many consider the word to mean “enlightenment.”  This calm state of realization can be reached by any meditative practice. Another term for it is “Awakening…”  What does Satori mean to you?  Inspiration is not something that comes and goes… it’s not something you have one moment and the next moment it disappears.   Becoming inspired is really about “changing the awareness of yourself.”   What you desire that is aligned with Spirit, is on its way…  Always present behind the curtain of knowing.  Our job is to ask, to summon it to show up and show us.

Wayne Dyer writes, “There are four pathways to mastery. They build on one another:

Discipline.  We train our bodily practice; we have to really work hard at whatever it is we want to learn, just get some discipline.  Usually, that means schooling of some kind.  It could be an apprenticeship. Or a college class.  Or a personal trainer.

Wisdom. The application of the mind to the discipline of the body… An unconditional union, a blending, a marriage.

Unconditional Love. A place in your life where what you are doing is consistent with your sense of love for it.  Name five famous people you know of that had that married who they were on the inside to what they did for a living.  Here are a few:  Steve Jobs, Tesla, Einstein…  Someone who’s at the top of their game—they have great wisdom and skill. But they are not the ‘greatest’ because of practice and studies; not necessarily the famous or best in the world.  They possess a great sense of love for their particular discipline.  Pavaroti, Gehry, Ansel Adams, Van Gogh… the bliss, the joy is built in, inseparable. That’s still not mastery; that’s approaching mastery.  This classification of individual is always striving to reach a higher plateau.

Surrender. This is letting go and letting God:  Surrendering the little mind to the Big Mind, the self to the Self.  It’s not you who’s doing this. You have reconnected to Source Energy.  It is you Co-Creating with God.  Or actually, GOD WORKING THROUGH YOU, AS YOU, IS YOU.  You expressing as God!  And you will know it, undeniably.  Whether or not you even believe in ‘God’ does not change this process. This is your moment of satori !

Yes, it’s an awakening C O N N E C T I O N.

Patanjali said 2300 years ago that spirit, reaching that higher place within, has certain qualities or characteristics. He said that “ignorance is not being ill-informed, but ignorance is false identificationidentification with the lower self, with the Ego, with the false self and with the physical world. When you move into the world of spirituality, he said, what you are doing is you are becoming more informed in the sense that you are no longer identifying as a human being having a spiritual existence, but the other way around, as a spiritual being having a human experience. It’s a new sense of identification. You begin to rewrite your agreement with your reality, with who you are and what you’re here for. You see yourself as connected… tune in, turned on, tapped in.”

Make an effort today to be conscious of your mind at work.  You work it.  It doesn’t work you.  A ‘meeting of the minds’ is blending the Mind of God with your mind:  Your personal Satori.

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