Do you remember

the cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

It ran from 1959 -1964.  First it was called Rocky and His Friends for the first two seasons, then The Bullwinkle Show.  No explanation of why Rocky was removed as the headliner because he was the smart one of the duo.

No. This isn’t about a moose or a squirrel but the title of this piece did come from a feature on the show called ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’.  They were traditional tales with a wry sarcastic twist and never ended the same way the original story did.  They were hysterically funny, usually reflecting a current social issue.  This cartoon was crude animation, even for it’s day.  The scripts were definitely not for children; over 50 years ago and I still remember them!  That’s saying something.

What sparked this essay was a person hired on the recommendation of a friend..  A knight in shining armor… He (supposedly) saves people from getting evicted from their homes, saves them from foreclosure (which was my plight) and even gets houses back that have been bought by the bank.

Or so I bought into… After all, what else did I have to lose?    Think of him as a crackerjack Hero — he does — knows the fraud and knows the real laws that reclaim our greatest possession, our homes.  But these processes take time, never mind getting them off the ground to begin with.  Time… that illusive, mystical, variable quality we have all heard of.

He zeroes-out credit card debt, too! If I only HAD any!  But I DO have a house in foreclosure.  His fee is flexible according to what the traffic can bare:  Humanitarian, he calls it.  This person is building an empire and travels all over the world making connections with his resources, even to China and their Royal Family.  What better connections can one HAVE? But there is an unfathomable gap.  He makes agreements to resolve problems big and small… but doesn’t get to them for months (if ever).  Agreements have no size parameters.  Just like a Course in Miracles teaches:  There is no big or small degree of lying.  Ditto for Agreements:  There is no degree of Agreements.  An Agreement is an Agreement.  A man is as good as his word!  He offers to pay for something that is very time sensitive and doesn’t pay it until the deadline is way past and the client has to borrow money to pay it by their self.  Yes, this is my personal experience with this person.

When he gives you a time to call him, pulse races as the time approaches.  The call is placed and the recording comes on to leave a voicemail; ‘the voicemail is full’.  Every time… It’s never not full.  From wherever he is, he sees the call and texts back ‘am in a meeting. Call at 9:30 tonight.  Or 10:00. Or 11:00’. Call made – go back to square one or ground zero… which ever you prefer.  Whatever you chose, he is never available, never keeps his wordN E V E R 

Perchance a connection is made, after walking around the condo holding the cell phone and ear plugs and tape recorder all day in case he does call, using toothpicks to hold my eyes open past 11:00 pm, I ask “did you read the texts” ?  He replies, “not all of them, no, maybe I did, yes I did”.  Uh Huh.  He has NO CLUE.

Whenever I write something, his reply is, “I think I read three lines and someone walked into the office and I got distracted and forgot about it.”  This pattern emerges.  The Fractional Functionality.  Just like Fractional Banking? Never completes reading anything.  Never completes an agreement before he takes on another ‘emergency’, putting the agreement he was paid for three months ago pushing it further and further down the line.  Three months in and it still isn’t done.  His office gives the phantom illusion to be busier than Santa’s workshop before Christmas.  The difference is, he has not office, not anymore.  Not since he left the office building in Baltimore where I met him.  Not since he moved to Wegman’s Cafe and claimed a spot to be busy in.  He’s like an octopus whose tentacles lost their stickiness.

The guy is a good guy. His intentions come across loud and clear  — while he is selling his services.

May not sound like it but he wants to help.  If I was his coach the story goes like this:

In 2001 I was in Arle, France, Vincent’s ‘Starry Night’ city. 

The digital wallet hard drive I had 1500 images stored on fell and hit the concrete hotel floor.  After returning home, I sent it out to retrieve the images for $500.  The CD was mailed back, with truncated [pixelated and broken] images on most of them.  My reaction was “shit, they are ruined! $500 and I can’t use them!!!”.  The shoe box of CD’s was forgotten.   How do I know?  In 2012, packing to move, I discovered the shoe box in the garage, opened it, and much to my surprise, like Manna from Heaven, there they were!  11 years later!  Playing the CD in my Mac Book Pro, the same broken, split, fractured images appeared on the screen.  This time I exclaimed, “WOW!  These are treasures.  They are fabulous!”  I sent four out to be printed on 16″X20″ gallery wrap canvases, and applied gold metal leaf to the giclee prints.  The four canvases made their way into a few gallery shows under the title FRACTURED FAIRYTALES:  Thank you, Arle, France.  Thank you Rocky and Bullwinkle!

A ‘truncated’ image…

is a digital framework of pixels that make a recognizable picture.  When jolted in a fall, the pixels shatter into narrow columns with jagged, stair-step edges.  Imagine a traditional image cut into strips.  The strips are staggered so the edge looks like steps.  It is very abstracted, yet you can still tell what you are looking at with a little concentration and imagination.

Relating these ‘truncated images’ to my friend, he is truncated.  He is in strips that don’t connect or reconfigure into wholeness or completion. Each job he takes on had many multiple aspects that only he can connect, thus his staff of worker bees always have to call him for instructions what to do next. On his way to creating his empire He starts a job and keeps piling other jobs on top of it, like having a pie with limitless slices.  

The only thing is,

in an empire, the king has peons to do his work and he is there to answer the big questions, leading the worker bees to a better solution and the workers generally have enough knowledge to complete a task autonomously. No matter how many staff he hires, or the counterparts who have their own business agendas that complement what he does… his agreements are still not fulfilled in any way shape or form.  If he says six weeks ago “your paperwork is done, the girls in the office have it” the paperwork has not been seen hide nor hair of… and the ‘girls in the office’ are different girls that were present 6 weeks prior. Of course, they have no clue what is going on.

Four attempts

at a conversation in one day, including quite a few 10 minute pauses to talk to another incoming call, the picture gets more and more truncated. When he is in the home office, be it Wegman’s Cafe or four walls somewhere else… the office girls try to take his cell phone away so he can complete a transaction.  Otherwise it’s hopeless!

 Perhaps he is addicted to the adrenaline rush of the stress he creates.  At least he is consistent in his fragmentation.  Intention is one thing.  Actualization is another.  Nothing gets accomplished on the call.  A new day and time next day is made.  The call is placed and no answer.  No answer to the text.  Why do I stay?  Where is the $500 I paid him?Because I don’t know anyone else who does what he says does woth proof he did it for others and has a great track record… and when he completes the work, always has successes — or so he claims!  He is the 6th source since 2011 trying to save my house that was illegally had a MERS (illegal digital bank signature) and Securitized Mortgage (sold off multiple times). 

This truncated man?  His multiple marriages and relationships mirror what his life style patterns are, obvious to a wise woman.  Like my truncated photographic images this truncated man’s work and personal relationships are not working… littering the planet with pregnancies, here and there, that look just like him… is this creating his “empire’?  Will he slow down, regroup, take a class in real time management?  He is the one who must consider it necessary to fulfill his agreements AND pay child support… If you don’t change the way you do things, then the things you do  won’t change. 

Truncated Strips of broken words, broken tradition, unfinished business.   Holes and gaps unresolved, can have only one outcome, one consequence:  The loss of a precious house.  

Fractured Fairy Tales…

the unrequited ending,


happily ever after on a path no one would ever imagine! 

Is your ending what you wanted?

Or is it the Fractured Fairytale?


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